City Employees Club: Connecting Employees with Discounts and Benefits

City Employees Club

City employees enjoy Club membership perks and benefits that enrich their work and lives. Get remarkable discounts instantly on authentic City and California State merchandise and apparel, travel, theme parks, attractions, restaurants, shopping and more.


Recycling crews received a day of special recognition and fun Sept. 20 courtesy of the Club and Gen. Services. Photo by Karen Higgins, Club Communications Manager.


The city employees club sells a variety of souvenirs and apparel. This includes hats and t-shirts featuring the city of Los Angeles seal. The items are sold at a discount for club members. They also carry a large selection of LAPD, LADWP, and other city department logo merchandise.

The club also offers discounts for theme parks, attractions, and sporting events. It also has savings on dining, shopping, and supplemental group insurance. These exclusive discounts are available to municipal government employees in California.

Employees are also eligible for discounts on tickets to Twin Cities events and activities, including Valleyfair and the Science Museum. The club also sponsors the Anoka County 360Wellness program and hosts several social events each year, such as a winter social and softball tournament. Employees can also take advantage of the club’s discount ticket booths located in various locations throughout the county. They can also purchase tickets online. The club offers discounted tickets for concerts, movies, and theater performances.


City employees have a wide range of insurance opportunities to help protect their income and assets. These include life, disability, long term care and home and auto insurance policies. In addition, employees have the opportunity to contribute to a deferred compensation plan which allows them to set aside pretax dollars for future retirement expenses.

Employees also have access to a health and dental plan which provides coverage for themselves, spouses/domestic partners and dependent children. This is provided through the City’s managed care options and preferred provider network.

City employees also have the option to enroll in the Employees Club which is a unique membership concept that strives to connect city employees by building a community-oriented network of information and discounts. The Club offers deep discounts on theme park/movie tickets and nationwide business insurance products through group-rated programs. The Club is run by a Board of Directors that is composed entirely of city employees, both active and retired.


The City Employees Club is a unique membership concept that strives to connect city employees by building a community-oriented network of information and discounted products. Members are offered exclusive discounts in the areas of travel, theme parks, attractions, movie theaters, dining, shopping and supplemental group insurance.

The Club offers a comprehensive retirement plan that provides service and disability pensions to all active and retired employees of the City of Los Angeles. In addition, employees may purchase life insurance and long term care insurance at affordable rates through payroll deductions.

In the event you leave public employment before qualifying for a retirement allowance, your contributions will be refunded. The City of Los Angeles Employees Club also offers deferred compensation plans where you voluntarily invest pre-tax money for future retirement needs, and the funds are not subject to federal income tax until withdrawn. This can help you build wealth, prepare for retirement and lower your taxes now.

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