7 Hacks For Gardening With Kitchen Waste in Taiwan

One man's trash is another man's treasure; there are plenty of eco-friendly, creative ways to turn kitchen waste into gardening resources.

Playlist: Komorebi

Komorebi: The sunlight that filters through the trees—the interplay between the light and the leaves—an untranslatable word from Japanese.

Purrfect Cat Cafes in Taipei

Taipei is credited as the birthplace of the cat cafe, and we bring it full circle by compiling a list of the best cat cafes in the city.

Taipei: Best Flower Markets

Though Taipei's subtropical climate is less conducive to the flowers that bloom farther north, it is still home to a vibrant floral scene.

Taiwan’s 9 Most Famous (And Infamous) Animals

From Yuan Zai to Cherng's Malaysian Tapir, these are the animals that have made a cultural impact in Taiwan.

Bring Your Own Pet: Best Pet-friendly Cafes in Taipei and New Taipei

Every pet owner knows the struggle that is the “no pets allowed” sign.

Best Picnic Spots In Taipei

There may be many patches of green in the city, but we're really looking forward to spreading our mats at the following places in Taipei.

Urban Architectural Ruins in and Around Taichung

Mankind is fickle with his affection—as a Taiwanese saying goes, people quickly prefer the new and grow sick of the old.

Editor’s Letter: Flora & Fauna

This month City543 explores Flora & Fauna, Latin for the collective plant and animal life respectively of any particular region or [...]

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