Stephanie Hsu

Lovely, Light Lunches at Light Cafe

This post originally appeared on Good Day Taipei. Stuffing yourself full of starchy foods at lunchtime is not always the best idea. By [...]

Somewhere in Ximending: Somebody Cafe

This post originally appeared on Good Day Taipei. I’m not the biggest fan of Ximending. The only reason I used to go to the [...]

Chic Business Lunch at Bunny Listens to the Music

A version of this post originally appeared on Good Day Taipei.  Bunny Listens to the Music is a quiet little restaurant tucked into an [...]

Calming Tea Time at Hui Liu (回留) Tea Shop

A version of this post originally appeared on Good Day Taipei.  I spent a rather lovely afternoon on Friday ignoring all the various [...]

Mind on Design: Interview with Pinkoi Founder Peter Yen

What’s the perfect follow-up job for a former start-up wunderkind with a degree  in computer science and a love for all things [...]

Just Another Ounce More: Relax, The Espresso Place & Ounce Taipei

It’s a good night for a drink (and let’s face it, when is it not?), especially on these rainy winter evenings of late. One wants a [...]

“Ni Hao Ma?”: The 543 Guide to Studying Chinese in Taipei

It all starts with an idea: “So I have this crazy idea: I kind of want to study Chinese in Taipei…” If you’re coming [...]

Day Trip to Burma: Exploring Southeast Asian Food Street in Nanshijiao

As the weather gets colder by the day, the farthest thing from our mind is a vacation. Memories of summer’s explorations and [...]

Meet Me at the W: The 543 Tour of YEN

Does the “W” in Taipei stand for “woo”, for Woobar? Or “warmth”, for the warm colors and cheery atmosphere at The Kitchen [...]

Meet Me at the W: The 543 Tour of The Kitchen Table

Do you like pizza? Of course you do. How about a gourmet pizza made with the finest ingredients, lovingly by world-class chefs, served [...]
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