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Let Them Eat Cake: Best Dessert Bakeries And Pâtisseries In Taiwan

You'd better save some room for dessert.

Illustrator Ballboss Creates Pop Up Mr. Pinhead Barbershop In Taichung

The shop was inspired by Ballboss' book that follows the life of Mr. Pinhead, an everyday worker who stumbles on remarkable adventures.

How To Maximize Your 2016 Holiday Schedule In Taiwan

Download our handy Taiwan holiday calendar, which will teach you how to maximize your holiday days in 2016.

Guide To Penghu: Beaches, Snorkeling And Cactus Ice Cream

Simply a short plane or boat ride away, the collection of the Penghu islands will fulfill all your wildest beach dreams.

10 Charming Bookstores In Taiwan Every Book Lover Must Visit

Who says that setting your imagination free and expanding your knowledge can't be done in style?

Top Outdoor Spots To Explore In Taichung

Old castles, martial arts centers, hiking trails and rainbow villages await your arrival.

The Most Deliciously Inventive Ice Cream Shops Guaranteed To Give You Chills

Ice cream isn't just about cooling you off anymore; it's about who can create the most imaginative flavor and the most jaw dropping show.

Lights, Camera, Taipei! 7 Movies and Actors Filmed in Taiwan

With such friendly people and beautiful locations, it's no wonder it's becoming increasingly easy to spot Taiwan landmarks amongst big films

Thought-Provoking Illustrations from Taiwanese Illustrator Kai Ti Hsu Will Make You Think Twice About Technology, Taiwan and Society

Taiwan illustrator Kai Ti Hsu merges graphic design and illustration to create wonderfully satirical images dealing with current issues.

Top 20 Summer Blockbusters to Look Forward to in 2015 and Their Taiwan Release Dates

Never in the history of film have so many superheroes, Jurassic dinosaurs and minions run rampage across the silver screen in one Summer.
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