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Why Dapeng Bay is the Next Best Paradise Destination

Whether you’re into windsurfing, race cars or just chilling by the sea, Dapeng Bay has something special to offer everyone.

What to Expect at the 2016 Dapeng Bay Yacht and Regatta Festival

Just 45 minutes from the Kaohsiung HSR station, Dapeng Bay (大鵬灣) is a grand lagoon with motor sports, water activities and plenty more [...]

Must-Go Live Music Venues In Taipei

From open mic nights, live jazz lounges to cozy cafe acoustic sessions, Taipei is an amazing hub for the live music scene.

The Best Taiwanese Spins on Global Food Brands’ Menus

Taiwan is undeniably a land of great unique food, and smart food brands know the need to adapt.

Urban Natives: Thrill-seeking with Taiwan’s Top Wakeboarder Shannon Teng

Nicknamed "Taiwan's Wakeboarding Sweetheart," the country's top rider Shannon Teng shares her wakeboarding journey.

Secret Spots in Kenting That Tour Guides Won’t Tell You About

If you dislike crowds and the typical tourist traps, here's your perfect escape.

Best Ramen Restaurants in Taipei

To save you time, money and the inevitable disappointment of a bowl of watered down ramen, check out our guide to the best ramen in Taipei.

The Ultimate Guide to Raohe Night Market

The second oldest night market in Taipei is a favorite go-to spot for locals and tourists alike for the quick meal and some sights to see.

These New Topee Pay Toilets at Taipei’s Shilin Night Market Are The Next Big Thing

Night markets are not known for their cleanliness, especially when it comes to bathrooms. For NT$20, Topee Pay Toilet is here to fix that.

Everything You Need To Know About Taipei’s New Syntrend Creative Park

Syntrend aims to provide an exhibition platform for the latest gadgets but also showcase older and retired vintage tech tools.
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