Kelvin Liang


Olympic Weightlifter Kuo Hsing-chun Talks Weightlifting and Giving Back

She cleaned and jerked 2.5 times her own bodyweight. And lifted Taiwan with her.

Japan’s Biggest and Most Beautiful Bookstore Tsutaya to Open in Taiwan Next Year

Eslite may have finally found itself a worthy opponent.

What Your Parents Used Before Tinder: The Taiwan Love Boat

Before the Internet, smartphones and Tinder, how did people hook up in the dark ages? The answer is the Taiwan Love Boat. Despite the [...]

Get Fit At Taipei’s Top Gyms And Studios

Each of these gyms specialize in a different area of fitness, and whichever path you decide on will be the start to a more active life.

Taiwan Teams Up With Holland For New Branch Of Tainan Public Library

The beautiful design will feature a map of Tainan during the Qing Dynasty that is only visible when sunlight strikes the building.

In-N-Out Burger Returns To Taipei Today With One Day Pop Up Store

The Californian fast food chain is back for a second run after a wildly popular pop-up in 2014.

MoCA Taipei Is The First Stop For The First-Ever Mika Ninagawa Exhibition

Mika Ninagawa's mesmerizing photographs arrive in Taiwan.

Learn Useful, Colloquial Chinese With Trending Taiwan’s Fun Chinese Crash Course Video Series

If you want to learn colloquial Chinese, then you should be watching Trending Taiwan's Chinese Crash Course.

7 Outrageously Bizarre Things That Happened During The Campaign Period For Taiwan’s 2016 Elections

Pouring ink on oneself, gobbling down on turkey rice and jumping through fire hoops... Just another day in Taiwanese politics.

Now You Can Netflix And Chill In Taiwan With Free One Month Trial

New year, new Netflix account.
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