Justine Lee

TOKU: Everybody’s Drinking Spot in Taipei

Taipei is deeply embedded with the best of Japanese culture. From its emphasis on order and hospitality to the celebration of its [...]

5 Reasons to Date a “Local”

After a few months of dating local Taiwanese guys, I’ve learned more about the language and culture of Taiwan than I ever could [...]

5 Things in Taipei That Made Me Go WTF

Taipei is a city of convenience, delicious food and things to do at all hours of the day, but like every city, Taipei has its [...]

Jiufen: Romantic Mountain Town Offers Tasty Treats and Striking Views [VIDEO]

Jiufen, roughly 15 miles outside of Taipei, is just a drive away for locals and has become a popular place to escape from the rush of [...]

Dazzling Cafe Offers Patrons a High Class Sugar High

Its name suits it well – Dazzling Café is a place for indulgence, set in an immaculate and modern space, furnished with white [...]

Never Work For Money: Interview with Hit FM’s DJ Dennis

DJ Dennis sits down with Taiwan543 to chronicle his journey to becoming one of Taiwan’s most celebrated DJs, share his thoughts on the [...]
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