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City543 Talks Fringe: Artists on the 2015 Taipei Fringe Festival

City543 gets the low-down from the participating artists on the year that was at Fringe, and all the secret tricks of the crazy trade.

The Best of Kaohsiung Nightlife: Top Clubs, Bars and Live Music Venues

Where Taipei is a seasoned drunken reveller, Kaohsiung is still a growing, fresh-faced eighteen year-old stumbling in high heels.

The Vinyl Countdown: Best Record Stores and Vinyl Collections in Taipei

To borrow from High Fidelity's Nick Hornby: "Record stores can't save your life. But they can give you a better one".

Kaohsiung: New, Old And Reused Architecture And Arts And Cultural Sites

Beyond the megalith of the 101, Taiwan's best emerging architecture may, in fact, be found in Taipei's mirror-image city of Kaohsiung.

Guide to Hualien

Mountainous regions and an apt locale next to the Pacific Ocean make Hualien the closest one might get to an untainted eco wonderland.

Where For Art Though? A Guide To Taipei’s Best Contemporary Art Galleries

Brooding back-alley autonomy and interdisciplinary innovations render the country's contemporary art scene vibrant and wholly unique.

The Ultimate Guide to Eating Your Way Through Shilin Night Market

Like all good things in life, the bigger the challenge, the bigger the pay-off. And, well, tackling Shilin is a very, very big task.

Getting Crafty With Taiwan’s Beer Scene

You're obviously wearing the wrong beer goggles if you haven't noticed the country's exploding craft beer culture.

Taipei: Guide to Songshan

Meet the lush, more subdued sister to the dizzying spectacle of Dongqu.
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