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[雙語]10 Things Western Women Should Know About Dating Taiwanese Guys

This post originally appeared on Language Boat.  中文版在下面.  [西方女孩與台灣男生交往需要知道的十件事情]   For many people, an inevitable part of moving [...]

[雙語] The Name is Lin, Kevin Lin. 我是林義傑.

Guest post by Luke Yen. 中文版在下面. You’ve all heard about Jeremy Lin. Now get ready to meet Kevin Lin, Taiwan’s homegrown professional [...]

Swan Song: Björk Performs to Elated Crowds in Taipei

This post is sponsored by Very Aspect 有象文化. Guest post by Gamy Wong. It was April when my jaw dropped after hearing the news of Björk [...]

Cafe Love: 7 Favorite Sips in Taipei

Guest post by LiAnn Yim. A version of this post originally appeared on her blog. I’ve discovered a lot of cafes this year—some new, [...]

5 Summer Events in Taiwan You Need to Know About

Guest Post by Daphne Liu. Taipei is indisputably a playground of interactive activities for tourists and locals like, and reigns king [...]

Raising the Cultural Capital: Very Aspect Culture Group

Guest post by Ryen Yeh. If you asked a local Taiwanese club kid who Daft Punk are, they would probably answer, “Didn’t they do a [...]

Come Early or Leave Hungry: Fu Hang Dou Jiang

A version of this post originally appeared on Sugared & Spiced. With breakfast joints occupying almost every other street corner in [...]

Eat Well at Eat Together Buffet

A version of this post originally appeared on Taiwanxifu. I love a good buffet. There is excitement in the endless possibilities, [...]

Midweek Diversion: Where to Go For “Ladies Night”

Guest Post by Audrey Wong Weekends are overrated. Wednesdays, or “hump day”,  might just be the best day of the week. The day of [...]

Food Done Right at Beijing Do It True

This post originally appeared on TaiwanXifu. Beijing Do it True, known also by its oddly rhyming Chinese name beiping dou yichu (北平都一處) [...]
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