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“Measuring: This Much, That Much, How Much?” Unit Exhibition Comes To Taiwan

The exhibition from Japanese art director Norio Nakamura explores how the ‘unit’ filter influences art, culture and our social order.

5 Bars in Taiwan Rank In First Asia’s 50 Best Bars Awards

Alchemy, Woo Taipei and TCRC in Tainan all rank in the regional spin off of the World's 50 Best Bar Awards compiled by Drinks International.

9 Taiwanese Songs That You Didn’t Know Had EDM Elements

What was once part of Frances underground scene, EDM has now become mainstream, alsocreeping into the Taiwanese music scene in recent years.

Top 5 Taiwanese Films of 2015

From quirky local films to the triumphant return of Taiwanese auteur Hou Hsiao-hsien, it's been a remarkable for Taiwanese cinema.

Rare Snow Fall Causes Flurry Of Excitement And Chaos In Taiwan

As temperatures plummeted due to a cold front, rare snow in Taiwan brought stories of a polar nature, filled with excitement and damages.

7 Top Greenfield Music Festivals In Taiwan

Get sunburned ­– or waterlogged – with sonic fun in the wild.

Gloria Outlets, Taiwan’s First Authentic US-Style Outlet Mall, Opens In Taoyuan

Here's the lowdown on the bargains, amenities and everything you need to know about Taiwan’s first open air outlet mall.

L’OUVRE 9: The Louvre’s Ninth Art Comic Collection in Taipei

If jetting to Paris for Christmas feels excessive, visit the Museum of National Taipei University of Education instead.

4 Things We’re Expecting When Netflix Arrives In Taiwan In 2016

From Chinese subtitles to the Chinese name 'naifei' (奈飛), here's what we're expecting to see in Netflix’s localization project.

Upside-Down House in Huashan 1914 Creative Park to Open in January

You don't have to be a ninja or a superhero to walk on the ceilings in Huashan 1914 Creative Park next January.
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