Citra Shi

Art on the Page: Parkett Exhibition at TFAM

There is a lot to observe (and love!) at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM), and this summer, it’s the perfect place to escape [...]

Do As The Locals Do (Part II): 6 Signs You’re Becoming A Local

Previously, we listed 6 things local Taiwanese do, including eating (and more eating!) and collecting cute things from convenience [...]

Love is in the Air: Cool, Cheap Dates in Taipei (Part II)

Hello couples! We know that dating often involves catching a movie, or splurging at nicer restaurants (if that’s your sort of [...]

Drink & Cheer: Top Sports Bars in Taipei

While many kinds of bars, from dive bars that students frequent to trendy lounges can be found all around Taipei, what about sports [...]

ARTSY APRIL: Strolling Through “Old” Taipei in Dadaocheng (大稻埕)

Learn more about our Artsy April series. You might be familiar with the annual Dadaocheng Fireworks Festival and Dihua Street Chinese [...]

Night Owl: The Taipei543 Guide to Night Markets in Taipei

It’s hard to talk about Taipei (and Taiwan, in general) without mentioning its night markets. In fact, don’t say that you’ve [...]

The Ultimate Night Out: Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Taipei

December is almost over, and here we are again, waiting excitedly for the new year to come. Whether you decide to join the thousands of [...]

Come for the View: 7 Restaurants with Spectacular Sights

While Taipei is rich with mouth-watering delicacies and unique restaurants, certainly you don’t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy a [...]

Reading Time: Top 6 Bookstores in Taipei

Want to get in touch with your nerdy side and find a good bookstore in town? Taipei is the birth place of the famous Eslite stores, [...]

Do As the Locals Do: 7 Signs You’re Becoming a Local

I’m not natively Taiwanese, but after living in Taiwan for four years I’m definitely starting to act like one! If [...]
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