Catherine Shu

Style & Comfort: An Interview with VVG’s Grace Wang

The VVG Group’s name is an acronym for “very, very good,” but over the last 14 years these three letters have come to embody a [...]

Show Off Your Love for Taiwan

For a country that is less than 36,000 square kilometers in area, Taiwan has a large variety of landscapes, ranging from the surreal [...]

Sweets for the Sweet: Delicious Gifts for Chinese Valentine’s Day

We can't imagine anything that'd score you more points in your loved one's book than a rose lychee cake or a stunning multi-layer chocolate.

Crafty Brews: An Interview With Le Ble D’Or’s Quentin Yeh

Quentin Yeh is devoted to his job as brewer-in-chief of Le Ble D’Or, one of Taiwan’s first microbreweries. Since launching the brand [...]

Sweet Dreams: An Interview with Black As Chocolate’s Stella Huang

Black As Chocolate founder Stella Huang bubbles with as much warmth and sweetness as one of the upscale dessert brand’s fondues. Though [...]

The City That Never Stops Eating: A Guide to Late-Night Dining

Midnight snack attack? Get your fix at these restaurants, which keep operating hours that are perfect for night owls.

Bring A Piece of Taiwan Home: A Guide to Finding Unique Gifts Around Zhongshan

If you’re a visitor to Taiwan, most likely you’ll be wanting to pick up gifts for family and friends back home. Don’t [...]

Beauty Tips: Stay Shine-Free This Summer

It can often be impossible to escape the intense heat and humidity during summers in Taiwan, no matter how many frosty 600cc cups of [...]
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