“Measuring: This Much, That Much, How Much?” Unit Exhibition Comes To Taiwan

From millimeters to kilojoules, grams to gigabytes, the metric system and units of measurement may be part of our everyday life yet feel so primary school.

However, a new exhibition by Japanese art director Norio Nakamura puts all of that in perspective, helping us to make sense of the way we understand the physical world through measurable units.

Led by Nakamura and a team from the innovative Torafu Architects, “Measuring: This Much, That Much, How Much?” will come to Taipei this month.

It explores the process through which the ‘unit’ filter influences art, culture and our social order.

Many of the installations are interactive. Visitors can use their hands as a size unit, which is translated into an image of a fruit with the same measurement.

You can also take a crack at exactly measuring five seconds. All the pieces allow you to view everyday things that you normally don’t give a second thought to.

It also incorporates a conceptual shop ‘Measuring Shop’ overseen by Yu Yamada, plus talks and workshops that further the message of looking behind the fundamental structure of daily life.

“Measuring: This Much, That Much, How Much?” will be held from July 1 to September 16 at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park.

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