Now You Can Netflix And Chill In Taiwan With Free One Month Trial

Netflix, the wildly popular on-demand Internet streaming media, has launched in Taiwan as part of its global rollout announced late last year.

Netflix (網飛) says it will bring the latest shows, along with subtitles and dubs to its Taiwanese customers. It will also keep track of a customer’s viewing preferences and offer relevant recommendations.


Currently, Netflix is offering a free one-month trial to all newcomers, and the plans start from NT$270 per month. HD, ultra HD and simultaneous multiple screen viewings are available for a higher price.

Subscribers can cancel anytime without worrying about shifty contracts.

Apart from its mind-boggling collection of movies,TV shows and original Netflix series, the service also offers multiple channels for viewing; watch from a normal TV, Xbox, a computer or even on portable devices.

There is even a kid’s section if parents ever feel the need to keep it G.

Since its humble beginnings in 2007, Netflix now operates in a total of 190 countries and regions (almost every country in the world) and serves more than 70 million users in 20 languages, including Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Interesting fact: an total of 125 million hours of Netflix is being watched everyday.

Whatever one’s liking may be, it is very possible Netflix will have something available.

Sign up for a free trial on Netflix Taiwan, grab some popcorn and watch away.

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