Upside-Down House in Huashan 1914 Creative Park to Open in January

Update: The Upside-Down House will be available on Feb 6th, 2016 instead.

You don’t have to be a ninja or a superhero to walk on the ceilings in Huashan 1914 Creative Park (華山1914文創園區) next January.

Media Sphere Communications has decided to shake things up by turning them upside down, installing a colorful topsy-turvy country house that seems to defy gravity.

Every detail in the house—from the food in the fridge to the bricks that comprise the outside façade—has been flipped.

The artist behind the project followed the proportions of a real American country home, creating an eye-catching house complete with master bedroom, children’s playroom, bathroom, garden and garage, all installed the “wrong side up.”

The upside-down house will be open to visitors from January 23 to July 23. Tickets are available for pre-sale now.

You can buy tickets at places listed below :
7-11 ibon


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Kirana commented

How much is the admission? And where can we buy the ticket?

Thank you so much for the information :)

Christine Yeh commented

You can but tickets here:
7-11 ibon

Alvin commented

Where can I buy tickets for this? Is this all sold out?

Joan Pascual commented


Will be in terrific Taiwan this end of November. Read an entry @ Trip Advisor from a visitor last Oct 2016 to your beautiful city that the Upside Down House is no longer in Huashan CreAtive Park? Is this true? If YES, will you have any idea where can we find it?


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