4 Reasons Why Ningxia Is Now The Most High-Tech Night Market Ever

The image of Taiwanese night market immediately evoke “high carbs” rather than “high-tech.” Over the years, however, Ningxia Night Market (寧夏夜市) has slowly adopted digital technologies to reach the increasingly connected consumer. Here are 4 reasons why “Taipei’s stomach” is the most high-tech night market in Taiwan.

1. It has its own website 


The move towards digital often begins with building a website or a fan page on social media. Ningxia Night Market launched its website before any night market in Taiwan did. You can browse the vendors in advance, and visitors’ comments are available for your reference as well.

2. It has free and full Wi-Fi coverage 

Find the delicious oyster omelette, snap a selfie with it, only to find that a dodgy Internet connection has made it impossible to ‘gram your picture? No worries. At Ningxia Night Market, the Wi-Fi is absolutely free, and may we say the coverage is excellent despite the crowds?

3. It even has a smartphone app

Sometimes it can feel like all one does in a night market is roam and eat. Good news: a guide app for Ningxia Night Market is available. After downloading it to your gadgets, you can easily check shop locations, telephone numbers, business hours, menus and customer reviews of each stall. The app not only helps you pick out places you’d like to go before you head out but also offers car-hiring service from your couch to the market, and you can check the traffic on its 3D map as well. Genius.

4. It’s a cash-free night market

We love hitting up the night market for the delectable snacks, but trying to dig out change from your wallet while juggling your phone and a bag of stinky tofu isn’t pretty. Wonder if you can just pay with your phone? Yes, at Ningxia Night Market, you can. The POS-system-linked app allows you to place your order digitally: scan the QR code of the food, and you can pay via EasyCard or with your Taiwan First Bank (第一銀行) account via your gadget or iPhone’s touch ID. You can also order your favourite food in advance, avoiding the long lineups before the stall. Now you are literally able to live your life with your phone – and your food.

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