7 Captivating Graffiti Pieces From Pow! Wow! Taiwan You Must See

Pow! Wow! has been celebrating awesome music, culture and art since 2010 in major cities all over the world. With Pow! Wow!’s 2015 Taiwan Tour beginning October 31, we round up a few graffiti gems as part of last year’s festivities. Scattered throughout our little island from Taipei to Tainan, these are the works by a mix of Taiwanese and other globally renowned street artists.

1. Flying Female Head in Ximen


Finished in 2014, the Flying Female Head (女飛頭) was a piece done by the famous Hawaiian artist Kamea Hadar. A little incident this February stirred up controversy when a commercial billboard was erected over the mural. The mural now still sits in Kunming street in Wanhua District.

2. Tatung University Piece 


A joint effort between English and American artists INSA and Madsteez, this mural stands proudly in the midst of the Tatung University (大同大學) campus. The duo began the piece on May 28, 2014 and finished on June 4. Interesting fact: Tatung University was the only public university in Taiwan selected for a Pow! Wow! piece in 2014.

3. Taipei Artist Village Piece


Rightfully situated in the middle of Taipei Artist Village (臺北國際藝術村), this piece was created by Taiwanese artist CandyBird and Brendan Monroe from the States. Playfully using the position of the building’s windows to create the effect of a gaping mouth and featuring stark colors black and yellow, this piece is both abstract and intriguing.

4. Songshan Cultural and Creative Park Piece


Featuring two famous Taiwanese artists XUE and Cherng, this mural rests quietly in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (松山文創園區). The mural is divided into two square sections, with Xue and Cherng each responsible for a single section. Both artists’ iconic characters make an amusing small crossover into each other’s areas in this artwork. Look closely or you’ll miss it.

5. Tungnan University Piece


Created by Australian artist Rone and American artist Aaron De La Cruz, this ponderous piece is located in the campus of private university of Tungnan University (東南大學).

6. Taipei City Zoo Piece


James Jean, a legendary Taiwanese American artist known for his grand yet slightly eccentric style, painted this black and white artwork on the walls of the Taipei City Zoo (台北市立動物園). It was rumored that a size of this scale by Jean is worth at least NT$5 million on the market. Long live Pow! Wow!.

7. Imperial Taels Piece


Hua Tunan (畫圖男), a Chinese artist known for his wild and explosive style, finished this piece for Taiwanese fashion brand Imperial Taels (金銀帝國) in October 2014. Known for his masterful blend of the West and the East in his Chinese landscape paintings, Hua Tunan again leaves something to be remembered.

all images courtesy of Pow! Wow! Taiwan

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