Naked Market, Taiwan’s First Package-free Supermarket, Opens In Taipei

Say goodbye to pre-packaging and start ‘pre-cycling’.

Taiwan’s first eco-friendly package-free supermarket has opened in the Minsheng Community in Taipei’s Songshan District, allowing customers to purchase the precise amount of an ingredient they need.

From spices, oils and dressings, nuts and grains, flour and other baking ingredients to diary products, the store specializes in selling dry ingredients used in Western cuisine using the bulk-bin design often seen in western supermarkets.

The products are sold in bulk using gravity bins, which are upside down containers with a lever that allow customers to help themselves to as much – or as little – of an ingredient as their need.

The ingredients are then weighed at the counter, and a price is calculated based on the item and its weight.

The store offers recycled paper bags for customers to use in place of traditional plastic bags, but there are discounts for customers who bring their own bags or containers to take the produce away. Glass jars are also available for purchase if you’re feeling fancy.

The eco-friendly approach, popularized by package-free supermarket Original Unverpackt (Originally Unpackaged) in Germany, encourages customers to take only what they need so as to reduce waste.

Various recipes are available around the store for browsing so customers can check what ingredients they need and buy it on the spot.

A spacious open kitchen and dining area is available for those who want to sit down and enjoy a meal prepared by in-store chefs.

Don’t forget to ask about the chefs about the menu of the day as different dishes will be served each day.

The area is also up for rent for those who want to cook for friends or family inside Naked Market.

With its unbeatable combination of good food, eco-friendly ways to shop and a great, relaxing atmosphere, Naked Market is a must-go spot for all food lovers.

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Clementine Farrugia commented

Sounds really expensive! I go to a regular grocery store and then when we’re done with the store item, we recycle. Perhaps everyone at Greenpeace can go move to Taiwan and live their perfect lives and point their fingers at the rest of us.

Shen Hsieh commented

Going to a regular grocery store and recycle afterwards is nice too. No one is pointing finger at anyone who does that. What is so offensive about providing more options? commented

I love this concept..I would take advantage of this if it were introduced to my area for sure… says progress to me….Thank You , Naked Market, Taiwan for sharing this…

Jack Wilson commented

I agree with Clementine Farrugia. Nothing is so offensive about providing more options but just don’t ram it down my throat i.e. forced recycling, recycling food, baseball stadium on hold, higher taxes for a larger auto engine, higher electric rates, no nuclear power stations, vegetarians, save the world nonsense etc. etc etc. Just let people live free and make their own choices.

All in the backdrop of terrible drivers and parking, streets with a lot of litter, it seem silly to be politically correct but blind to real problems.

Robyn commented

People should be encouraged and, if necessary, shamed into looking after our planet. Recycling is not enough. Driving a fuel guzzling vehicle is as unacceptable as terrible drivers. Being a vegan or vegetarian is a kind and compassionate thing to do. You are not entitled to do whatever you want if you are harming the earth and others.

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