Hengchun 3000 Brewseum Opens For Trial Operations With Incredible Beer Glass Wall

With a craft beer scene brewing in Taiwan, beer is simply everywhere these days. So here’s an interesting question: How much do you actually know about the history of beer?

The Hengchun 3000 Brewseum (恆春三千杯啤酒博物館), a combination of a beer garden, brewery, restaurant and beer museum, that has just opened for trial operations may have all the answers.

When translated, the Chinese name of the beer garden in southern Taiwan is literally “The Museum of Three Thousand Glasses of Beer”.

True to its name, 3,000 different types of beer glasses from all over the world sit along the museum’s wall, spelling out the word “Beer”.

The wall boasts an impressive 25 rows, totalling seven meters in height. Each row is 18 meters long and holds 120 glasses. Don’t worry, it’s earthquake-proof.

Alongside sits a mosaic of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, painstakingly pieced together with some 8,400 beer bottle labels.

It’s a masterpiece five years in the making, from collecting the labels to putting the pieces together.

Apart sampling various beers over appetizers and desserts, visitors can check out the collections housed in the mini museum.

These include a pair of eighty-year-old Krueger’s Cream Ale and Krueger’s Finest Beer cans that were the first canned-beers ever to grace the earth. Made in January 24, 1935 — now known as Beer Can Appreciation Day — these cans can only be opened with special can openers.

The museum also offers a sizeable collection of past and present instruments used in the process of brewing beer, from milling, boiling to fermenting and maturing, including an ancient European tool used to stir and ferment beer called a yeast stake.

Alongside artifacts such as a German cup with a hand for a handle to Chinese ceramic mugs, bits of Taiwan’s own beer history and culture are also included at the brewseum.

The Brewseum is open for trial operations from March 21, 2016 until June 30, 2016. Customers who use the “Book Now” feature on the Brewseum’s official Facebook page will receive a free beer upon entry.

Check out how the beer glass mural came together with the video below:


Posted by 恆春3000啤酒博物館 Hengchun 3000 Brewseum on Sunday, 14 February 2016

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