Relive Your Childhood Dreams At The 2015 Green Ripples Art Festival At Taichung’s Calligraphy Greenway

Ever catch yourself wishing life was like the good old days—the childhood days, when there was no stress, no worry, just fun and a fascination with life?

Coming once again to Taichung’s Calligraphy Greenway from Jul. 10 to Sep. 6 is the annual Green Ripples Art Festival, which is looking to rekindle the young fire in our hearts by transforming the area into a huge imaginarium.

This year’s festival theme is “Let’s Bring Out Your Inner Child” and will see a range of art pieces centered around the Calligraphy Greenway by local and international artists that seek to help the audience rediscover their childish ways.

With a mixture of both indoor and outdoor installations that span an entire block, this year’s Green Ripples Art Festival is the largest art exhibition as of yet.

Outdoor installations can be found on Calligraphy Greenway and in the nearby alleys, while indoor exhibits and pop-up concept shops are housed in the two Eslite stores nearby.

One of the many highlights of the festival this year include a giant life-sized Monopoly board at CMP Block Museum of Arts that is 500 times the size of the actual board game.

The festival aims to combine one-of-a-kind art with the everyday street life context, turning the city itself into a work of art.

Visitors can pick up a map and explore the nooks and crannies of the area around Calligraphy Greenway for exhibits, small and big, that are waiting to be discovered.

Pieces of art and graffiti have been seamlessly integrated into the surrounding ecosystem.

There are also special collectors’ stamps at several installations, so be sure to bring a notebook.

The festival includes an EVERYDAY ART exhibition, which showcases 450 artworks by 61 art and design students on the island.

The walls of the safety exits and stairwells of Eslite Park Lane have also been transformed into canvases for several artists, so skip the elevator.

Organizers are also hosting several events as part of the festival such as seminars, theater performances, film screenings, art markets, picnics and so on.

What are you waiting for? Put on your explorer goggles and head on down to the Calligraphy Greenway to play games, enjoy art and relive the joys of being a kid.

green ripples art festival taichung taiwan eslite CMP block museum calligraphy greenway racing installation

via Adrienne Lin

The art festival will also be held at Taipei’s Very Fun Park from Jul. 25 to Sep. 20

artist drawing illustration wall green ripples art festival taichung eslite calligraphy greenway

via Lian Cho

cmp block museum of arts taichung eslite greenway calligraphy green ripples art festival 2015 monopoly

via Adrienne Lin

lucky station installation green ripples art festival 2015 taichung calligraphy greenway cmp block eslite

via Kassy Cho

shark installation green ripples art festival 2015 eslite taichung cmp block

via Kassy Cho

paint brush installation green ripples art festival taichung 2015 eslite cmp block

via Kassy Cho

With contributions from Lian Cho and Kassy Cho.

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