Taiwan’s 10 Most Romantic Beaches Unveiled

For summer, we showed you the secret spots in Kenting that tour guides won’t tell you about. Now the DailyView Online Thermometer has compiled Taiwan’s 10 most romantic beaches based on the frequency of internet searches. If you’re planning a little romantic getaway with your sweetheart or a grand romantic gesture, find your next summer date spot in the list below.

1. Chihsingtan Beach, Hualien (花蓮七星潭)

Chihsingtan Beach Hualien taiwan sea sand ocean layers colors

Hualien County’s only specially designated scenic area, Chihsingtan Beach is shaped like a crescent moon. The seemingly endless, tranquil pebbled beach with its clear azure waters stretches to the Central Mountain Range in the distance, where the mountains merge into the sea. While beach is not actually like a star as its name in Mandarin suggests, it’s the perfect spot for stargazing—it really doesn’t get much more romantic than this.

image via Kovis Lo

2. South Bay, Kenting (墾丁南灣)

south bay kenting beach palm trees

Also known as Blue Bay, this beach is the most popular on Kenting Peninsula so it’s no surprise it came second on this list. Although the crowds and tourists may dampen your spirits, head on down during off peak season or early in the morning, and you can still experience Kenting’s serenity.

image via monkey sun

3. Sand Spit, Jibei Island, Penghu  (澎湖吉貝沙尾)

penghu jibei sand spit aerial view taiwan

Often said to be on par with San Francisco Bay or Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, Jibei Island’s Sand Spit is considered one of the most stunning seascapes in the world and a landmark sight of Penghu. Formed from tidal movements and through the gradual accumulation of sand, seashell and coral fragments over time, the sand spit sits at the south of the island surrounded on three sides by the clear blue waters. Walk to the end of the spit, and oh, what a sight to behold!

image via Taiwan Tourism Bureau

4. Geban Bay, Xiaoliuqiu (小琉球蛤板灣)

xiaoliuqiu geban bay beach taiwan little venice

Dubbed “Little Venice Beach”, Geban Bay is the go-to beach on Xiaoliuqiu Island. With its ideal location, the beach basks in the endless southern summer sun. Pick any date, month, or even season to visit, and you will be greeted with lovely tropical weather regardless. The bay is also a favorite spot to watch the sunset, so take your sweetie for a stroll!

image via Fishery Agency

5. Jialeshiu, Kenting (墾丁佳樂水)

Jialeshiu kenting beach ocean sea rocks

Visitors to the popular area in Kenting can do much more than marveling at the strangely-shaped rocks; Jialeshiu is a premier surfing destination, not just because of its ideal geography but also because of its large waves, thanks to the wind blowing down from the mountains. With several villas nearby, the area is a fantastic fit for couples looking for a three day, two night surfing adventure.

image via 傑克 生

6. Small Bay, Kenting (墾丁小灣)

small bay xiao wan kenting taiwan beach sea ocean

Sitting at the end of Kenting’s main road, Small Bay is run by Caesar Park Hotel care of the Kenting government, meaning it is complete with a full set of facilities for any and all sorts of beachside activities. From sunbathing to water activities, Small Bay and its unique topography have become one of the hottest places to visit in Kenting.

image via Stin Shen

7. Blue Tears, Matsu Island (馬祖藍眼淚)

matsu blue tears ocean beach sea glowing lights night

Complete your spring and summer seasons with a visit to Matsu to behold the wondrous sight that is Matsu Blue Tears. When the sun sets, the patch of blue gives off an eerie blue light, as if the stars were washing up on the shore. The surreal effect is due to plankton that have evolved to glow. Not only that, walk along the beach and you’ll find a glowing blue trail of footprints behind you due to the miniature aquatic “star dust” crustacea. You might have even seen Matsu’s Blue Tears on the silver screen; the area served as the magical ocean in Ang Lee’s Life of Pi!

image via plumflowerprincess

8. Shuilian, Hualien (花蓮水璉海灘)

hualien shuilian beach mountain ocean taiwan

Facing the Pacific Ocean on the island’s east and with its back to Niushan, Shuilian Beach, also known as the Shuilian Wetlands, gives off a very different feel to the beaches of the island’s west. Closer in kind to a gravel beach, with the steep mountains adding to the grandeur, the area is a nature lover’s paradise with hiking tracks, birdwatching areas and plenty of tropical flora and fauna, making it a favorite spot for photographers and dates in the wild.

image via Hualien B&B

9. Baisha Bay/White Sand Bay, Kenting  (墾丁白沙灣)

kenting bai sha wan white sand bay taiwan beach sea ocean

White Sand Bay gets its name from the broken sea shells and crustacea that form the base of the beach. Juxtaposed against the Kenting blue sky, the clear waters, it is as if one were on a tropical island vacation. Another location for Life Of Pi, White Sand Bay and its nearby vegetation served as the jungle that Richard Parker, the tiger runs into in one important scene.

image via iPingtung

10. Double-Heart of Stacked Stones/Twin-Heart Fish Trap, Penghu (澎湖雙心石滬)

penghu double heart of stacked stones twin heart fish trap taiwan ocean sea

Created originally for catching fish, the Double Heart of Stacked Stones is now a top romantic destination for old and young couples alike. This summer, why not take your beloved on a little Penghu journey, and under the blue sky and endless sea, make your grand romantic gesture. Whether you are proposing or confessing, we think it’d be pretty successful.

image via twh.boch.gov.tw

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