Fresh Out Of The Oven: Square Watermelon Toast From Yilan’s Jimmy Bakery

Adding to the summer fun, a bakery in Yilan has combined a Taiwanese summer staple with a dietary staple to create… square watermelon toast.

The loaf has an appearance similar to Japan’s square-shaped watermelons, with a green crust that can be sliced to reveal—much to everyone’s delight—a red or yellow interior that looks just like the red- and yellow-fleshed watermelon varieties, down to the black pips.

Created by Jimmy Bakery in Yilan County’s Jiaoxi Township, the toast crust is made with matcha powder and the black pips with powdered bamboo charcoal.

The red and yellow color is achieved through the use of natural reddish-purple food coloring and strawberries and yellow food coloring respectively on bread dough.

The owner of Jimmy’s Bakery first invented the toast in order to add some seasonal summer colors to his shop.

Thanks to domestic and international media coverage, as well as a Facebook post by popular Taiwanese artist Vivian Hsu, the cute creation has since exploded in popularity.

Thousands of fans have made trips to Jiaoxi just to get their hands on (and mouths into) a colorful loaf, and the store now sells about 2,000 of the vividly-colored loaves every day.

Each loaf costs NT$80, and customers are limited to one loaf a day. Customers can begin lining up for a number to buy the toast at 11 every morning. They can also call or order online ahead of time; home delivery is available.

A huge fan of Taiwanese illustrator Jimmy, the owner of Jimmy Bakery not only named his store after the illustrator but also uses Jimmy’s works as inspiration to creative innovative types of bread.

His previous creations include train-shaped bread made with cheese, chocolate and cookies, inspired by a similar Jimmy installation at Yilan Train Station.

Next time you’re feeling for a summertime snack, give the watermelon toast a try. It’s a guaranteed refreshing experience.

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Pantherlily commented

Nice article! The bread looks super delicious by the way :)

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