Favorite Sips: Summer Cocktails in Taipei

city543-theme-film-icon-may-2015 Coinciding with the onset of the hottest season of the year, this month is all about that sweltering heat, Kenting beach and brain freeze from the icy summer sips—bubble tea, cocktails and beers.


In 2014, we showed you the top bars in Taipei, but a perfect night on the town can be ruined when you waste your hard-earned money on a mediocre drink. Feeling that buzz should be done in style and not through boring vodka shots, which is why we’ve compiled our top recommended cocktails to order at each of Taipei’s hottest bars.

Bourbon Buck at R&D

r&d cocktail bar taipei taiwan

Those of you who enjoy something both classic and refreshing, try the mysterious Bourbon Buck at R&D. With each element of the cocktail perfectly balanced, the Bourbon Buck provides for an enjoyable experience with flavors that are neither too sweet nor too sour. Capped with a lime and in a vintage old-timey copper mug, the Bourbon Buck looks quite humble but packs a punch.

image source

Dragon Fruit Cocktail at Prozac Balcony

prozac balcony black sugar cocktail taipei taiwan

A cocktail true to its fruity name, the pink drink is a favorite amongst females, not just for its sweet aroma—thanks to a rosemary on top à la the Brown Sugar cocktail (made with fresh banana, lime juice, brown sugar, havana escpice rum and pineapple juice) pictured above—but for its beautiful presentation; the beverage comes intertwined with either a pink flower or a slice of dragon fruit alongside.

image via Prozac Balcony

Stolen Secret at BEAU

BEAU bar cocktails taipei taiwan

With the rim of the cocktail glass coated in chocolate dust, the Stolen Secret is a dessert in and of itself. Upon the first sip, you are hit with the fruity notes of peach and passionfruit which overlay the vodka and swirl in with the chocolate dust to form a surprisingly delicate taste.

image via BEAU

Aquarium or Guava Cocktail at fourplay

fourplay lounge bar taipei taiwan cocktails

Once you get a look of the Aquarium, it’s quite clear no other name would suit it better, as in its delicious concoction swims a goldfish fashioned out of orange peel. With its bright blue color similar to the ocean, the Aquarium presents itself as the perfect summer refresher with plenty of ice. For something less splashy, try the Guava Cocktail at fourplay, a much more humble yet unique drink served with a slice of guava around the rim.

image johnnycc

Slippery Nipple at The Pig & Whistle (天母黎舍)

tianmu pig and whistle bar speakeasy lounge taipei taiwan

The Slippery Nipple isn’t a name wasted on this drink, made out of Baileys Irish Cream and liquer; it’s definitely one of the best-prepared milk-based alcoholic beverages in the city. The Slippery Nipple is sweet and slips down the throat, with light undertones of alcohol, kind of like drinking a really well-done milk tea.

image via The Pig & Whistle

Long Island Iced Tea at Tickle My Fantasy

tickle my fantasy long island ice tea lounge bar taipei taiwan xinyi anhe

Serving up Taiwanese delicacies instead of the usual bar grub, Tickle My Fantasy is known for its Long Island Iced Tea, the strongest in Taipei and guaranteed to have you seeing stars for the rest of the night. Many can attest to how potent the cocktail is, with the taste of the original Long Island singing through the intense concentration of alcohol. This is not a journey for lone souls but a challenge to partake amongst friends. The Long Island Iced Tea is also available on the go, served in an interestingly traditional plastic bag and straw.

image via Fay Tang

Mexican Betel Nut Shot at Trio

trio cafe huashan taipei taiwan tree

Betel Nut may not bring such a pleasant taste to mind, but the Mexican Betel Nut Shot at Trio provides an innovative take on the regular old tequila shot and lime. Instead of a regular lime, the betel nut aspect of the tequila shot is represented by a thin slice of lime heavily coated in sugar and the surprising third ingredient, coffee powder. The explosion of sour, sweet and bitter complements the aftertaste of the strong tequila.

image via iPeen

Old Fashioned or Chrysanthemum Fizz at Alchemy

alchemy bar taipei taiwan marquee

Alchemy presents itself as a very classy and dimly-lit bar, and its drinks live up to the brief. The Old Fashioned starts with a base of bourbon in a crystal tumblr, adding in layers upon layers of flavor through sugar cane and bitters, topped with orange rind for added effect. For a fruitier and more delicate flavor, the Chrysanthemum Fizz tastes like a tango between grapefruit and floral flavors on the tongue.

image via Alchemy

Thai-tini from Ounce

ounce taipei taiwan bar speakeasy

The elements of Thai cuisine are simple: it needs to be a perfect balance of sweet and spicy, sour and fresh. The Thai-tini at Ounce raises the standards of Thai cuisine by using the speakeasy’s own unique chili-infused vodka, to which fresh lime juice and cilantro are added, giving your taste buds that exciting zing.

image via Ounce

Kyoho Grape Cocktail at Fucking Place (操場)

fucking place taipei bar speakeasy taiwan

The best-kept secret of Fucking Place is the little known Kyoho Grape Cocktail (巨峰葡萄調酒), which is a literal secret as you won’t be able to find it on the regular menu. Ask for the Kyoho Grape Cocktail and be pleased with the sweet yet sour concoction the bartenders inconspicuously mix for you.

image via Fucking Place

Passion Peach or Mango Bravo at B-Line

b line by a train bar speakeasy taipei taiwan wall alcohol drinks cocktails

B-Line offers an instantly classy and intimate environment, and the Passion Peach and Mango Brave ring true to their tropical roots. Both drinks are perfect as a cooler for the scorching summer heat with plenty of ice and fruity flavors to quench the thirst.

image via iPeen

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