These New Topee Pay Toilets at Taipei’s Shilin Night Market Are The Next Big Thing

Taiwan has always been pretty much obsessed with toilets since its existence, both the artistic culinary take on it and the actual thing. Most people who live in Taiwan will know that toilets are either incredibly extravagant with its own themes or not at all (sometimes a literal hole-on-the-ground).

Night markets are known for its inconvenience, where there are usually either filthy public restrooms or none at all.

Fear not! A handy pay toilet in Taipei’s Shilin Night Market is here to provide you with a sweet escape when nature calls.

Topee Pay Toilet

For just NT$20, enjoy some relief in a clean, non-smelly, air-conditioned bathroom with motion-sensor toilets. Furthermore, the admission fee for the Topee Pay Toilet includes a free bottle of water and even a power outlet within each bathroom stall for some literal recharge while you drop your load off.

And of course, paying special attention to women’s needs, the Topee Pay Toilet offers sanitary napkins for purchase at the front desk. Women never have to worry about a surprise visit from Aunt Flo during your next visit to the capital’s biggest night market.

Topee Pay Toilet_supplements


You gotta admit this idea is pretty genius. Instead of just starting another food stand like everyone else at the night market, these guys are supplying to the demand that everyone needs—a good, clean toilet. If these trendy bathrooms continue to take off as it has in the Chungyo Department Store in Taichung, then soon visitors will have one less thing to worry about.

images via Topee Pay Toilet

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