Best Local Spots for Late Night Snacks (Xiaoye) in Taipei

Taipei is a kingdom for the night life —whether it’s 24 hour karaoke, clubbing or satisfying your late night cravings. The traditional Taiwanese breakfast is like none other in the world, and its accessibility and affordability adds to its unbeatable charm. Check out some of the best places to get that midnight snack to cap off the night and some of the hidden gems of great food that can only be tasted at the crack of dawn.

Deluxe Noodle (柳家涼麵)


Only a place like Deluxe Cold Noodles could be open only between 2 am and 8 am and still stay in business. The break-of-dawn eatery has been in business for more than 40 years, and customers line up to get the store’s delicious and affordable noodles despite its odd hours. The homemade cold noodles are generously topped with a heavy garlic and sesame sauce. If that’s still not strong enough for you, there’s unlimited mushed garlic that you can add on to tame that late night appetite.

image via Joël Fukuzawa

Xiao Lizi Porridge House (小李子清粥小菜)

xiao lizi porridge house taipei taiwan xiaoye late night

Here’s a place to satisfy your guilty pleasure without too much grease. This restaurant open throughout the night serves Chinese porridge, steamed dishes, stews and plentiful vegetarian options. The buffet-style eatery give night owls a healthy option to satisfy their late-night cravings.

image via pmana

Bling Chicken (金鑽雞排)

jin zuan bling chicken fried xinyi taipei taiwan

If you’re any normal human being, you’ll probably crave something fried and crispy after a long night and a few drinks. Taiwan is of course known for its late night fried chicken options, like this shop in Xinyi District. The food is fried upon your order instead of sitting under a heat lamp, attracting many fried food lovers looking for that delicious crunch. Like many other fried chicken joints, the stand offers diverse options for anything you’d like fried. So to feel at least a little bit less guilty about your late night snack, try some fried greens.

image via 金鑽雞排

A-Cai Milkfish (阿財虱目魚肚)


This shop sells milkfish fried to the perfect taste made famous by Tainan. It allows the city folks a nice trip to the southern rural town through their tastebuds, with egg fried oysters, seafood soups, braised pork rice and its trademark milkfish, available fried or in a fresh soup. This affordable joint is hailed as many a favorite—including for Taiwanese rapper RPG—to hit up late at night in Ximending.

image via juujon 

Jing Fong Braised Pork Rice (金峰滷肉飯)


If you ever have a craving for a nice delicious bowl of braised pork rice (滷肉飯) late at night? Well, Taipei has just the spot for you. This shop with more than 20 years of history is always lined up with customers during the day and is not so different at night. Its affordable menu, traditional taste and accompanying dishes like stir-fried vegetables and soup have become the local favorite to satisfy that fatty pork craving.

image via tenz1225

Yonghe Doujiang (永和豆漿)


And of course, you can’t say the word xiaoye (宵夜) without thinking of Yonghe Doujiang (永和豆漿), the largest chain of overnight guilty pleasures in Taiwan. These stores can be found all over the country, but have one great thing in common—the cheap, delicious and fast breakfast food available for 24 hours on end. The trustworthy name has been in existence for half a century and is always a go-to spot for post-party munchies or a quick breakfast before you start the day. The extensive menu includes all the most traditional breakfast items and anything you possibly want fried with eggs. The next time you’re at one of the store’s branches, make sure to give other local favorites a try, like fried bread sticks with soy milk (豆漿油條) or clay oven rolls (燒餅).

image via Jimmy Yao

Lin Dong-fang Taiwan Beef Noodles (林東芳牛肉麵)


On a cold winter night, what’s better than a nice hot bowl of beef noodles? The Lin Dong-Fang Beef Noodle shop has a long history of feeding cold and hungry souls with flavorful, hearty beef soup. While you wait for your order, you can even try out their just-as-renowned Chinese-style appetizers, such as pickled cucumbers, seaweed, sautéed peanuts and more. The shop’s own homemade hot sauce is also a must-try for spicy-lovers. The joint is crowded at all times during its operation, and the restaurant was even rated the best beef noodle place in Taiwan in a recent Yahoo! online poll.

image via Yasuo Kida

The Gao Family Silver Needle Noodles (高家莊米苔目)

gao jia zhuang silver needle noodles red pork zhongshan taipei taiwan

“Mee Tai Bak,” or Silver Needle Noodles, is a rice flour-based short noodles originating from Hong Kong. This affordable restaurant in Taipei’s Zhongshan District is the proof that there isn’t a kind of food you cannot get at 3am in Taipei. Its best seller is the unique and light noodles with clear soup, only NT$30 a bowl. But a visit to the Gao Family isn’t complete without ordering its equally as famous sides such as the simmer-fried pork, intestines and roe salad.

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