Yongkang District – 6 Urban Contemporary Stores Worth Visiting

Anyone who has ever visited the back alleys of the renowned Shi-da night market knows a thing or two about the SOHO-esque contemporary fashion boutiques just across the street. For a time-eroded city block heavy with century-old brick buildings, the Yongkang District is surprisingly vibrant, with avant-garde designer shops that will easily drop the jaws of even the most world-famous interior designers. Take a few leisure strolls here past the cracked painted walls and let it fully capture your fascination for a perfect blend of Asian small-town livelihood and contemporary design at its most post-modern rural presentation.


Tradivance boasts an unique collection of handmade leather goods that are only available in limited quantities. Purchase something on the spot if you like what you see, or have owner Ian Chang custom-make one for you. Shopping for leather goods  – great presents for gentlemen  – has never been so easy.

Photo via Tradivance Facebook


Visit this European-style furniture shop stocked with hand-picked pieces from Germany, France and northern Europe. Walk in and browse a collection of classic and modern pieces from the 1950s to 1970s and discover their story – You’ll be right at home.

Photo via DECOmyplace

Ginger 800

A local Taiwanese brand since 2003, this store specializes in products made from ginger extract. Ginger 800’s products — soap, bath wash, shampoo, hand and face cream, incense, facial masks, you name it — all possess that sweet and spicy zing that will satisfy your inner ginger craving. These ginger-flavored goods make for great souvenirs and presents as well as for your own personal collection.

Photo via LuluTaipei

Gai Art Gallery

Gai Art is a independent contemporary gallery that features artworks and exhibitions by some of the best up-and-coming young Taiwanese artists. Stop by and chat with the owner Ann Lee, and find out some of the best insider tips about the area.

Photo via Gai Art Facebook

Xiao Man Tea House

Celebrate the art of the traditional tea ceremony in this quiet tea house run by the owner of the same name, who brings an understated elegance to the renovated building. Sit down for a tea ceremony with a tea master, or perform one on your own by picking and choosing from various types of teas found in Taiwan.

Photo via 陳瑞源

Firefly Studio

Firefly Studio is a personal project of Mr. Yang, a former curio dealer turned lamp and lantern enthusiast. The studio features old-fashioned lights personally designed and assembled by Mr. Yang who, upon chatting with him, you will find is as warm as the shimmering lights in his collection. Visit the studio at night and you will understand where it gets its name.

Photo via Firefly Studio Facebook

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