IKEA House: Your Dream Home for a Day

Upon entering IKEA, one is often overcome by an inexplicable feeling of both joy and sorrow. It’s as if you have happened into the dream home you never knew you needed. You could spend the rest of your life evening on that white KARLSTAD sofa, wine and dine over that beautiful wooden STOCKHOLM dining table, fall asleep on that soft HEMNES bed. Heck, you’ll even drink out of that RÄTTVIK red wine glass in front of you.

Yet, despite playing house as best you can, you know deep down in your heart that these perfectly-designed installations could never be. Blame it on the self-assembly, but no matter how hard your try, you know that your own house can never look like IKEA in all its glory.

The Swedish furniture giant is now offering consumers in Taiwan their very own slice of IKEA heaven with IKEA House. IKEA House is a 72-ping three-story building located in Taipei’s Zhongzheng district that is available for you to host your latest family, work, school or social event in.

Fully equipped with your favorite pieces of IKEA furniture, the house gives off a contemporary northern European vibe while allowing consumers to adjust decorations as they please to create the home that they have always dreamt of but were never able to put together. Enter the living room on the first floor via the vestibule, before ascending to the second floor to find the kitchen, dining room, bathroom and a balcony. Top that off with a penthouse bedroom and children’s room — all filled with fully-assembled furniture with names you cannot pronounce.

Starting April 25th, everyday, one lucky person will be granted 11 hours to call themselves the owner of the IKEA House. He or she can make him or herself at home — from bringing his or her own furniture and decorations to doing the dishes and taking out the rubbish (the less glorious albeit necessary duty of any proud homeowner). Just provide a reason for your latest gathering, and you can apply online for a chance to hold the keys to IKEA House from 10 am to 9pm one day between April 25th and June 22nd.

All photos via IKEA House Facebook page

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