Embracing Individuality: Interview with Almost Perfect’s Kelly Hu & Bertha Pan

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Actress (and professional poker player!) Kelly Hu recently starred in Bertha Pan’s latest movie, Almost Perfect. Both women were in Taipei for the premiere of the film in Taipei, the first outside of the United States, and Taipei543 had the opportunity to meet them for an interview at Fabrica Cafe.

While some actors shy away from the spotlight, this was never the case for Kelly Hu. “I always knew that I wanted to be an actor, ever since I was a kid. I announced to my mother, ‘I’m moving to Hollywood and I’m going to be a superstar!’ and she says ‘Okay, just finish school first.’ I never thought I could do anything else.”

At a young age, Kelly was highly determined and motivated to become an actress and did everything she could to get herself into the limelight, from learning acrobatics, ballet, and tap dancing, to entering herself into talent competitions — without actually having a talent. She later began competing in beauty pageants and would always stand out as the “island girl”, dressed up in her Hawaiian muumuu and lei.

Embracing the individuality, knowing that I was different and running with it made all the difference in the world.” She attributes her early success to having recognized that she was different from others and thus she capitalized on her uniqueness. Winning beauty pageants helped pave her way into the modeling industry, which finally lead her to her dream job of becoming an actor.

Although Kelly’s role as Vanessa in Almost Perfect was a big contrast from her usual roles as the “action girl” or “glamorous girl”, Kelly reveals that this down-to-earth and goofy character that she played is quite similar to who she is in real life. When she read the script for the first time, she was shocked because every single scene felt like it was a reflection of her previous experiences. The opportunity to just be herself and have a lead role in a romantic comedy was a refreshing change for Kelly, so she agreed to take the role. Bertha adds that Kelly is a funny and passionate person who has worked with non-profits, which basically captures the essence of the character, Vanessa.

It’s not just an Asian storyit’s a story about family and relationships,” Kelly says, “And it’s a family that’s representing current America, a mixed family.” Bertha says that the movie is about a girl who focuses on her family members’ needs and their broken relationships, and in doing so, doesn’t give her own relationship a chance to succeed. Not only does the movie discuss universal hardships with a stroke of comedy, Kelly and the other actors in the movie also excel at emulating the emotions of each character in the story. The combination of these two elements makes the movie interesting to watch and leaves viewers with plenty of takeaways. We also get to see a new and more authentic side to Kelly Hu.

As Bertha tells us, “It’s a very specific talent to do comedy — part of being funny on-screen is to be completely unself-conscious,” Kelly begins laughing because she knows it was a reference to herself.

Catch the film while it’s still in theaters! Visit the Almost Perfect Facebook Page for details.

Photography 攝影: Eme Jota   

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