No Car or Scooter? 6 Other Ways to Get Around Taipei [無車族遊台北六方法]

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From 101 to DinTaiFung to YangMingShan, Taipei is full of people to meet and places to be. But for those of us who are a bit squeamish about braving the chaotic vehicle-acrobatics arena otherwise known as Taipei traffic, moving from place to place can get a bit tricky. Don’t worry though, 543 has got you covered. Here are six alternatives to driving a car or riding a scooter for getting around in Taipei!

1. Walk

Why use technology anyways? People have been using feet to get around for thousands of years, and it worked out just fine for them! In addition, there are the health benefits of not spending virtually every moment of your day sitting down. Some destinations truly are a bit too far for walking though, so don’t be afraid to turn to one of the other options below.

Possible issues: Exposure to the elements (heat, rain, humidity), not all destinations are within walking distance

Price: Free

More information: Just look down to the ground beneath your feet!

Photo via Taipei Government 

2. You-bike

Installed by the Taipei Government in an effort to reduce pollution and to promote healthy living, You-bikes are rental bikes found all over downtown Taipei. Just swipe your Easycard over the sensor, grab a bike, and go! The best part is, you don’t even need to take the bike back to where you got it. Just find another You-bike station close to your destination, and drop it off there.

Possible issuesStations are mainly centered downtown, so not useful if you’re going to other parts of Taipei

Price: Free for the first 30 minutes, then 10 NT for every 30 minutes after

More information: You-bike

Photo via You-bike

3. Bus

With hundreds of lines in operation, it’s virtually impossible to find a corner of Taipei you can’t reach by bus. Since the route maps are completely in Chinese, figuring out which bus to take can be a bit confusing sometimes. However, on the official website, you can enter your starting location and destination and the website will tell you which lines to take. Useful, right?

Possible issuesSubject to traffic, usually won’t go straight to your destination, but nearby

Price: 15NT, occasionally 30NT for longer rides

More information: Taipei Buses

Photo via Taipei Government 

4. MRT

Since its opening in 1996, Taipei’s MRT line has been praised numerous times for being fast and easy to use. Since it operates independent of street traffic, the MRT can often bypass traffic jams or rush hour, which can prove useful if you’re in a hurry. For those who can’t read Mandarin, there is plenty of English around the MRT to help you out.

Possible issuesOften crowded, long periods of standing, usually won’t go straight to your destination, but nearby

Price: 20-40NT

More information: Taipei Metro

5. Taxi

Compared to other urban cities, Taipei’s taxis are known for being relatively cheap and safe. In addition to hailing one down on the street, you can also call for a taxi from various companies. Due to the fact that cab companies are private businesses, getting a cab can sometimes be like a game of Russian Roulette; it could be perfectly fine or a language barrier/political views/nosy driver disaster.

Possible issuesInconsistency in quality, possible language barrier issues for non Mandarin speakers

Price: Starts at 70NT and increases based on distance and time

More information: One of the more reputable companies, Taiwan Taxi

Photo via  Taiwan Taxi

6. Uber

Looking to impress a date? Or perhaps you just want to feel classy for a night? Call Uber then.

Spanning across dozens of cities all over the world, from San Francisco to Amsterdam, Uber is a driving company with the motto: “Everyone’s private driver”.  As of July 29, Uber is now up and running in Taipei too!

Uber prides themselves on the consistency of quality, whether it be in the sleek black cars or the professionally trained drivers who greet with you a polite smile. Car requests are made via their mobile app, which is available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. Since you enter your destination into your phone as opposed to speaking to the driver, language differences will never be an issue in getting to where you want to go. As for payment, Uber charges directly from your credit card, so there’s never any hassle in counting crumpled bills out of your wallet.

To celebrate their launch, you can check out Uber for yourself! Just download their app, register, and enter “TAIPEILOVE” as a promo code to get 500NT worth of Uber credits, now until August 31. ( promo code expired) 

Possible issues: Pricier than a taxi due to higher standards of quality, but definitely worth it

Price: Starting fee of 126NT, min. fare of 230NT

More information: Uber Official Website/Twitter/Facebook/Taipei Blog /Taipei Site 

***Enter the promo code “Taipei543” to get an Uber free ride up to NT$350 (new user only)***

Photo and Feature Photo via Moritz Lips

Translator: Pearl Zheng




1. 走路




More information: Just look down!
Photo via Taipei Government 

2. 微笑單車



價格:前30分鐘免費,之後每 30 分鐘收費 10 元。

More information: You-bike

Photo via You-bike

3. 公車




More information: Taipei Buses

Photo via Taipei Government 

4. 捷運




More information: Taipei Metro

5. 計程車




More information: One of the more reputable companies, Taiwan Taxi

Photo via  Taiwan Taxi

6. Uber




缺點: 因提供高品質的服務,車資比一般計程車還貴,但絕對有值回票價的感覺


More information: Uber Official Website/Twitter/Facebook/Taipei Blog /Taipei Site

*****輸入優惠碼: “Taipei543” 即可獲得$350 NT 優惠金免費搭乘Uber  (限新用戶)*****

Photo and Feature Photo via Moritz Lips

譯者: Pearl Zheng

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