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This post originally appeared on Good Day Taipei.

I’m not the biggest fan of Ximending. The only reason I used to go to the Ximending area was to get ice cream at this dinky but famous little retro ice cream shop called Snow King. The guava ice cream was worth braving the crowds clustered outside the MRT.

Now, I have two more reasons to go: one being the Amba Hoteland the other being Somebody Cafe. 

Though Somebody Cafe isn’t far from the main stretch of Ximending chaos, you’d never believe that there was a gem of a cafe hidden amongst those garish alleyways. You climb steep stairs up to the second floor, a boutique shop selling products from design studio 26 Creative. The third floor is the actual cafe, but there’s seating on both floors.

It’s a retreat. An oasis…a haven…a sight for sore eyes! And even if it wasn’t stuck in the midst of the craziness of Ximending, it’s clear to see that Somebody Cafe is full of one-of-a-kind artwork and quirky-cute design–I’ve actually never seen another cafe that’s comparable. They even give you little wooden toys to play with while waiting for your food! 

They have the typical cafe menu: a few set meals and cakes; drinks, mostly. But I won’t even bother describing what’s on the rest of the menu, because you’ll be getting the Matcha Barley Latte–I’m not even sure if that’s the exact name; I was kind of in a daze. Just show them this picture. It’s essentially a matcha latte (green tea powder and milk) and some organic barley in it. Healthy, delicious, pretty–honestly what’s not to love? And they give you the most adorable, photogenic number cookies along with your drink…

Somebody Cafe also hosts performances in an upper room, usually for separate admission fees, but seats are available downstairs–perfect for sitting and chatting with friends. Located on the second floor are also these little “huts” made of wood that provide semi-private space and seemed like a rad place to have a meeting or a little gathering.

Here are a few photos from Potatomato showing the upstairs part of the cafe (the 3rd floor) and a delicious looking latte drink and those signature ’26′ cookies (reppin’ the 26 creative group).

Next time you’re in Ximending (oh, I’m sorry)–then flee to this oasis immediately. Even if you don’t have business in the area, just head over to have a drink at Somebody Cafe anyway. 

Feature Photo via Somebody Cafe FB



Stephanie Hsu (Taipei, Taiwan) currently steps lively on the streets of Taipei finishing her undergraduate studies at National Taiwan University. After having had many an adventure on the streets of New York, Los Angeles, and Kansas City, she happily left it all behind for Taiwan, where she falls in love with each leafy lane & cute cafe. She started her blog, ‘Good Day, Taipei‘–to document it all. Her favorite area of Taipei is Yongkang St., and after a year of night-marketing, she’s finally accepted the love of stinky tofu in her life. Find Stephanie & her tales of Taiwan travel on Good Day, Taipei.

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