Chic Business Lunch at Bunny Listens to the Music

A version of this post originally appeared on Good Day Taipei

Bunny Listens to the Music is a quiet little restaurant tucked into an alley near Yongkang Street. You might have heard that phrase before from us (see some of our other cute alleyway finds). I recently popped into Bunny to try their business set lunch.

What caught my eye immediately upon walking in was this gorgeous wallpaper. They asked if we wanted a window seat; I didn’t care. I wanted to sit facing this beautiful wall!

Bunny’s is furnished with this amazing 70s(?) furniture. I ain’t no table or chair aficiando, but I loved the furniture, probably the best thing about the place. Besides (as I’ve mentioned already), the wallpaper. The space seats maybe 15 tables; there’s a big communal table off to the left that I saw being used for larger group meetings.

They’ve got some cafe like seating (seats behind the flowers, which were all gorgeous), but I wouldn’t go to Bunny just to have a coffee; it can get rather loud during rush hour and the lunch rush (ends at 2:30pm) is promptly cut off to make way for…afternoon tea-ers? So no afternoon lingering here, which my friends and I are quite (in)famous for doing.

The business set lunch includes bread, soup, main course, dessert and coffee/tea. The bread was fabulous; which is no surprise considering that the owners of Bunny also own the French inspired bakery Boite de Bijou (tucked into a quiet lane right behind Shida, and I think they have a larger location in the East District), which has some of my favorite bread in Taipei. And the butter! Such a good quality. It really highlighted the crappy quality of many of the breads/butters that are found in the set meals that are so common in Taipei. Note that free refills are available for bread!

You pay for good quality, though (of course). The business sets range from 350NT to 500+ NT. The pasta portion (I got Chili Beef….Pasta? I don’t remember what it was called)–was quite small, but it was packed with so much flavor. One of the best pastas I’ve had in Taipei. My mom’s salad was alright; I didn’t like that they mixed so much iceberg into the salad mix; but the caesar wasn’t too sweet and  the chicken was nicely seasoned (a rarity here, in both cases).

There’s also chicken, seafood, and other pastas; I definitely recommend the pastas.

Dessert and coffee mediocre; I hate these little milky puddings that they always tuck into set meals! However, my mom and I saw a waitress carrying a little plate of cookies to a table, so maybe ask them to switch it out and pay a little extra.

A great little place for a leisurely lunch with friends, relatives, or business partners.


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Stephanie Hsu (Taipei, Taiwan) currently steps lively on the streets of Taipei finishing her undergraduate studies at National Taiwan University. After having had many an adventure on the streets of New York, Los Angeles, and Kansas City, she happily left it all behind for Taiwan, where she falls in love with each leafy lane & cute cafe. She started her blog, ‘Good Day, Taipei‘–to document it all. Her favorite area of Taipei is Yongkang St., and after a year of night-marketing, she’s finally accepted the love of stinky tofu in her life. Find Stephanie & her tales of Taiwan travel on Good Day, Taipei.



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