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For those who work through the typical lunch hours in Taipei, you’re probably familiar with the frustration of being unable to find a restaurant within walking distance of your office that isn’t on an afternoon break until they reopen for dinner. If you’re in luck, maybe a few street vendors are in business or there’s a local joint that is open all day, but who wants to be eating the same lunch day in and day out?

Brian Liu, a practicing orthodontist and founder of Foodie’s Express, faced this predicament when he found himself on his lunch break at 3 p.m. in Taipei. The need for good, nutritious food–he has arguably the worst thing a Taipei resident who loves to eat could hope for: a sensitive stomach–plus variety, left Brian longing for a food delivery system in Taipei, similar to ones he had used in Shanghai, where he now has his own clinic.

For years, he focused on dentistry and left creating a solution to the lack of a streamlined food delivery service in Taipei by the wayside. Today, he’s an orthodontist by day and an entrepreneur by night. Since last December, Brian has finally been able to turn a dream several years in the making into a reality with the founding of Foodie’s Express, an online website devoted to bringing good food and drinks to the doorsteps of Taiwanese looking for convenience and the luxury of fine dining at home. Through Foodie’s Express, customers can choose from a variety of restaurants, place an order through a single online platform, and wait at home for their delivery.

Beginning in March of 2013, Brian and his project manager, Kenneth Zhou, approached over 100 restaurants, asking for their partnership. Several Taiwanese restaurants, unfamiliar with the delivery culture, were understandably hesitant. However, now over 50 restaurants and drink vendors are listed on Foodie’s Express. Even at the time of our interview, Brian was excited about several new businesses that were partnering with Foodie’s Express. A plan to deliver high-end liquor, available only at elevated prices in Taiwan clubs, is in the works.

Taipei543 was delighted with the options available on Foodie’s Express, ranging from high end (Ben Teppanyaki) to more wallet-friendly options (Juanita Burrito & Tacos). Several vendors exclusive to Foodie’s Express also offer unique selections, such as 吉力酒藏 GiLi Sake Bar, which has a supply of difficult to find sake, imported from Japan and available only through GiLi. Foodie’s Express focuses on using sophisticated transportation equipment to deliver food in a timely manner while maintaining the food temperature and presentation.

Committed to giving back to Taiwanese society, Brian decided from the start that Foodie’s Express would not be just another business but a social enterprise as well. Partnering with Love Yummy, a foundation dedicated to rescuing stray animals in Taiwan, Brian has stepped in as its director. He hopes that as Foodie’s Express continues to expand, it will be able to support Love Yummy’s mission. Additionally, Brian has approached several indigenous farmers in Taiwan, hoping to deliver their organic vegetables straight from the farms to residents in the city. Currently, due to a lack of transportation and communication, these farmers have been unable to sell their fresh produce to an urban market.

After a trial period and many positive reviews in May, Foodie’s Express is officially launching in June. Their grand opening party is set for June 8th at Marquee. Why not order in for your next date? Forget the weekend rush and making reservations weeks in advance. Give Foodie’s Express a spin and enjoy five-star service from the comfort of your home.

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