Drink & Cheer: Top Sports Bars in Taipei

While many kinds of bars, from dive bars that students frequent to trendy lounges can be found all around Taipei, what about sports bars? Where are the best places to hang out, while cheering for your favorite team in the Premier League or NBA? Two well-known sports bars (well, pubs) probably come to mind: On Tap and Pregame. But hey, Taipei has more! Here we list five other bars you can frequent when your sporty side needs a drink!

1. Brass Monkey

Popular among expatriates, this vibrant bar is always recommended when you’re looking for a sports bar. During big sports events, Brass Monkey transforms into a hall — the room will be emptied of its usual chairs and tables, and big screens set up so you can watch your favorite teams competing. The pub owner often stops to say hello to everyone, giving you the feeling that you’ve stepped foot into a friend’s bar. The music is not unbearably loud, and Brass Monkey has a pool table as well. In case you need sustenance to prepare yourself for a long night of screaming and cheering, Brass Monkey has a big selection of snacks, burgers, and even steak. To sum it up:  food, alcohol and big screens? Loud cheering and good friends? Seems like a perfect night for sports enthusiasts! FYI, Brass Monkey also occasionally holds Salsa Night, for the dancers out there.

Photo by Citra Shi.

2. Tavern Premier

Located just across from Taipei World Trade Center and Grand Hyatt Hotel, Tavern Premier is popular among professionals. But fear not, this bar opens its door to everyone (well, over legal drinking age, of course). And although frequented by professionals, the drink and food prices are not as high as you might expect. Being popular for its Premier League’s constant event, Tavern Premier also provides foosball table for those who want a little action of their own. And apart from a big screen in the center, Tavern Premier also fills the room with smaller-sized LCD screens so you don’t have to worry about being seated right by the big screen.

Photo via Tavern Premier Facebook Page

3. Saints&Sinners

Okay, technically Saints&Sinners is a restaurant with a bar, but it still made our list of fun spots to enjoy a game. The environment is casual and relaxed, and is a popular choice for families going out to dinner. Come with an empty stomach as they have huge food menu (Thai food, anyone?). After dinner, stay to sip a glass of beer or wine and enjoy the live sports streaming from one of their TV screens. Want to warm up with a casual game of your own? You have your choice of pool, foosball or darts. 

Photo by Citra Shi.

4. Patio84

Located up in Tianmu area, Patio84 is undoubtedly popular among foreigners. has live feed via their satellite connection, Patio84 entertains with a live feed of exciting sporting games on their  55” HD LCD TV. They also have outdoor seating which boasts a beautiful night view. Patio84 is also known for offering an ’84 special’: 84 NT for a bottled beer, burger, and coffee/tea – not a bad accompaniment for whatever game you’re watching.

Photo via Patio84 website

5. Bounce Sports Cafe & Lounge

Need a quiet space to watch your favorite sports? Come to Bounce. Located in the heart of the city, just across Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, Bounce is not loud at all. While you might come to watch live sports via their satellite feed, Bounce also offers marvelous outdoor seating that overlooks the calm RenAi Road (well, the street may be busy, but the tree-lined street is one of our favorite sights). A great beer selection and large food menu are at the ready for whatever you’re in the mood for.

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Photo via Bounce Facebook Page

Feature image via Brass Monkey Facebook Page.

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Franck commented

Thanks for having our Brass Monkey in Fuxing. Since early 2014, we have opened another store in Xinyi (1st floor Vieshow center/20 Songshou Road (0227225755)
Our opening ours are: Sunday to Thursday 11am – 01:00am Friday, Saturday 11am – 02:00am
We do however open early sometime for big sport events. We do not have a pool table in Xinyi and except for salsa night and ladie’s night, we operate the same events (except very late games) and promotions.

steve commented

PLEASE either delete this post or update it

your article is the first to show up on google, yet 2 or 3 of the 5 places have closed down… it’s outdated and unfortunately isn’t helpful anymore, which i know is not the intent. But still, I wasted time looking into these places when they are all closed! Brass Monkey still open and has 2 locations.

markus commented

agree to Steve, unnecessary inconvenience, please take it offline or update!

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