Midweek Diversion: Where to Go For “Ladies Night”

Guest Post by Audrey Wong

Weekends are overrated. Wednesdays, or “hump day”,  might just be the best day of the week. The day of maximum hope, that maybe you might make it to the end of this week alive. Hump day has nothing to do with sex (get your minds out of the gutter!). However, it has everything to do with the irresistible “Ladies Night” in Taipei. Legendary in Taipei, there is no better place to be on a Wednesday night.

Here are our recommendations for where to go. Girls, put on your sexy outfits and guys, get ready to party! We advise arriving to all these spots early — otherwise be prepared to face long lines, and sometimes even getting turned away if they reach capacity. Note that hours and entrance fees listed below are for Wednesdays only; hours and fees may vary on different nights. 

Club Myst


Located in the ATT4fun building, Club Myst features an open-air deck and crystal clear view of neighboring Taipei 101. Myst might just be the “it” club of the moment in Taipei’s nightlife scene. If you have trouble finding the place, just look for the throngs of people and long line. Once you make your way through the line and ride the elevator up, get ready for the nightclub haven that awaits when the doors open, where mind-blowing music fills the room (everything from hip hop, to house to dubstep) to performances from sexy dancers. Dance the night away, and it’ll be 4 in the morning before you know it.

Entrance Fee: Ladies free entry all night (free cocktails before midnight), men 600NTD (with 2 drinks)


Spark 101


Located in the lower level of the Taipei 101, one of the tallest buildings in the world, SPARK becomes the newest addition to the Taipei nightlife scene. SPARK provides the best in hip-hop, RnB, Electro, and House music to both Taiwan and international partygoers. With it’s elegant decor, smooth vibes, and classy party atmosphere, you could find yourself clinking glasses with a local celebrity or dancing the night away with the next top Taiwanese model. Ladies night at Spark will be sure to add some sparkle to your night.

Entrance FeeLadies free entry all night (first 200 ladies to enter will receive a complimentary glass of punch), men 500 NTD (2 drinks)

OD (Opium Den)


If you’re wondering what happened to Primo, here’s your answer. The legendary club & lounge bar in the Xinyi District re-opened in December 2012 as Opium Den. OD will transform those nolstalgic memories of partying at Primo and bring them into modern times with a modern, brand new space from the sensational interior designer, Archinexus. Ladies (and gentlemen), be prepared to party with style and class and OD, and make some new memories.

Entrance FeeLadies free entry all night, with one sparkling, men 600NTD (with 2 drinks)

**OD Taipei has been closed since April 2013, please check out OTS Phoenix for more info**

Room 18


Not only is Wednesday night Ladies night, Room 18 is giving ladies another reason to party with free entry all night on Fridays too. For many years now, Room 18 has made a name for itself by drawing in the young, the beautiful, and the wealthy. Room 18 retains its loyal customers by keeping things fresh, by regularly bringing in popular guest DJs and performers.

Entrance FeeLadies free entry all night Wednesday AND Friday, men 700NTD (with 2 drinks)

Babe 18 


At Babe 18, you will typically find crowds filled with exchange students and university students, mixed in with some other random party-goers. Babe 18 is definitely the place to be, with unlimited drinks all night. Just don’t lose your glass! Hang on to you empty glass and exchange it with the bartenders to ensure a free flow of alcohol all night long. Ladies, you can also come here on Thursday and Sundays, for free entrance before midnight.

Entrance Fee: Fri/Sat: 400 NT (ladies), 700 NT (men). Wed: Free before midnight and $200 after (ladies), $550 (men). Thurs & Sun prices vary, call for more information.




Liquid Lifestyle Promotions has introduced Legendary Wednesdays at Luxy for the younger party-goers in more recent months. If you’re looking for a good time with a crowd that has endless energy, come and party at the hottest Ladies Night party around. Their tagline reads “So sick, its contagious!”

Entrance FeeLadies free entry all night, men 300NTD before 11pm and 600 NTD after (2 drinks)


Do you like to go out for Ladies Night, or opt to stay in on a school/work night? Where are your favorite places to go?

Feature photo via Spark

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