Look Into Your Future: Fortune Telling at Long Shan Temple


We all have big decisions to make, looming obstacles to overcome, tricky social situations to navigate — and that’s just before breakfast. Luckily, Taiwan is considered a top destination to consult an expert about the future. That is, to have your fortune told.

As a fortune telling mecca, with customers traveling to Taiwan from all over the world, many locations in Taipei offer answers for questioning people. Technology has also affected the nature of fortune telling. Most experts are now available over the internet and email. However, if you desire a more traditional and personal reading, check out Xing Tian Temple, one of the most popular (and packed) locations in Taipei.

Alternatively, the Long Shan Temple in the Wan Hua district offers a more relaxed, less touristy fortune telling scene. Don’t expect anything like Whoopi Goldberg’s silk draped séance room in Ghost. The professional nature of the many offices, all boasting experts with different skills and focuses, will surprise even the most cynical of skeptics.

The three most popular types of readings, available at most offices, are the ‘batsu’ method, the palm reading method, and the bird method. A ‘batsu’ reading uses the date and time of birth. Those numbers are entered into a computer program and then interpreted by the expert. The palm reading method uses the unique lines on your palm and sometimes the moles and lines on your face to glean information about your future.

The bird method reading depends on the skills of a small ‘bunjo’ bird, known in the West as a White Java Sparrow. This special bird reaches into a box of cards and selects three with his beak. All cards in the box reference a popular Taiwanese folk tale. The expert interprets the morals from all three tales and applies those lessons to a subject or question.

If you are looking for an expert at Long Shan Temple with impeccable English skills, ask to speak with Ms. Chen. A passionate and truthful fortune telling expert, Ms. Chen serves clients from Singapore, China, Japan and Taiwan.

Pricing varies in each office and is based on the number of questions or subjects you want to discuss. One specific subject analyzed using one method costs around 1000NT. If you want a more general reading, combining many methods, the average cost is 2000NT. Before selecting a fortune teller, make sure to discuss areas of expertise and come armed with your time of birth within two hours accuracy.

How to Get There:

Take the MRT to Long Shan Temple station (blue line), then follow the signs for Long Shan Temple Exit, then Fortune Tellers.

You can contact Ms. Chen via email at: pearlofgrit@gmail.com

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