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Do you have a little secret skill up your sleeve that you just can’t wait to share with the world? Or do you just love being inspired? Well, why not head on over to the Red Room’s monthly event ‘Stage Time & Wine’ which takes place on the third Saturday of every month. Imagine a space where for five or ten minutes all ears (and eyes) could be on you. The lost art of listening, that’s what this wonderful event is bringing the focus back to. How many times have you listened to your favorite song on repeat, and yet if someone asked you to quote those lyrics, you’d quite frankly, be stumped?! Well, here’s your chance to re-learn the beautiful art of listening, and believe me, it’ll actually be a treat for all your senses. From poetry, to stand-up comedy, to ukelele-playing angelic-singing musicians, there’s something that will inspire every one of us.
Leave your shoes and judgements at the door and enter the realm of listening. Feel free to bring a bottle of wine or something equally delicious, as they create a small bar from the bottles brought along, which anyone can help themselves to throughout the night. You can even purchase your very own bamboo cup with a unique design for 150NT, which you can use every month you return (this is likely to be every month!). Alternatively there are cute little teacups and mugs which you can borrow for the night to sip your wine from. There is also a kitchen which is used for the making of the communal soup. A huge pot of boiling water, which anyone can add herbs or veggies to, or assist in the chopping or mixing of the soon-to-be tasty soup. Red Room has such an amazing sense-of-community, and the soup-making is just one small part of this. You can also bring along any nibbles you fancy sharing, whether it be some home-baked cookies, or a cake, or some roasted vegetables, or spring rolls, or…OK, all and any of the above are perfectly acceptable! There’s always a full table of goodies to be enjoyed throughout the entire evening.
So now that we’ve got one of your senses satisfied, let’s work on the others. At Red Room you may bump into a few acquaintances, but you are also very likely to go home having made some interesting new friends. That’s what’s exciting about this event, you just never know who you’re going to meet! It’s a great place for interacting and networking, as the first hour is usually filled with mingling and chatter, before the performances begin. Grab your bamboo cup, choose your favourite tipple and get socializing. Always fancied yourself as a guitarist, but haven’t found that mentor yet…well, here’s your chance! Red Room is positively bursting with talented, creative people, so this is your chance to meet them, interact and possibly begin collaborating on that great idea you’ve spent days pondering over.
At Red Room, no-one is going to judge you. You don’t have to feel shy about getting up on stage, as everyone who signs up is in the same boat. And the people who don’t perform are there because they want to enjoy, they want to be inspired, and most importantly they want to listen…TO YOU! After all, that’s what this event is about- the culture of listening. So, if you want to share some of that creative wisdom lurking in that mind of your’s, then all you need to do is rock up at around 6.30pm and sign up at the door. There’s a 200NT entrance fee, for whether you perform or not. That also includes a pretty free reign of the bar and food, while supplies last, so it’s a very good deal. But of course, this event is about sharing, so best pop a bottle in your bag to show your good spirit.
The first half normally lasts around one hour, then there’s a short intermission for more mingling and topping up of beverages, then the second half is also around one hour. It will normally end around 10.30pm, but if you need to leave earlier to catch the MRT or bus, no worries. Every month is completely unique and special, with a diverse range of performances. When you really focus and give your full-attention to the performer, you will be rewarded in so many ways. Not only will you leave feeling full of inspiration, you will also feel like you connected with the performer and his ideas, due to the intimate setting of Red Room. It’s a very clean, cosy space, and most people sit on the giant red rugs which take up most of the floor space. This allows you to get really comfortable because you can stretch out and really just enjoy sitting and listening.
All languages are welcome, so if English or Chinese isn’t your first language, feel free to perform in your mother-tongue. Even if we don’t understand what is being said, we can still connect with the emotions from the way you say it. Infact, a variety of languages is desired! Your performance doesn’t have to be totally unique, even if you just want to read a section from your favorite book, or some meaningful lyrics, this might inspire someone else to create something new, and so the cycle of creativity will continue. Truly, every kind of performance is welcome. ‘Stage Time and Wine’ at Red Room is about celebrating the spoken word in all it’s forms. Speak. Listen. Hear. Feel. Come experience this awe-inspiring event on the 20th of October!
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Stephsuuu commented

AHHH this loks so cool and i’ve ALWAYS wanted to check out the AVEDA learning kitchen; love their restaurant nearby Nonzero! definitely going to the one in november!

Jia_bobbingalong commented

anyone knows when’s the next event?

Joelmccaffery commented

Dear Red Room handlers,

Tonight I was unceremoniously booted off the stage (was I the first?—I’ll wear that possibility as a badge of excellence). Do you have any clue as to why you did so? Was the hot girl in the corner who balked at my material enough to stop my stint? Was it the murderous subject matter? Perhaps it was that there was another tragic school shooting in the States (which has nothing to do with ANY of us—how about the 3000 victims in Africa who fell to famine today?).

Or maybe it is that your testicles are about as small as you imagine them to be. You faux-Bohemian fuckwits are about as poetry slam as I am sensitive. Please realize that events of this sort elsewhere transcend Taiwanese Toastmaster club members practicing their skills for 20 excruciating minutes a pop. Unbelievable.

Submissions are still open to ThunkBook ( Good luck.

Taipei543 commented

Hi Joel, we’re sorry you had a less than positive experience at the Red Room. Unfortunately, we weren’t there and therefore can’t say what their reasons were or pass any judgement on the situation.

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