Simple Living at Good Cho’s (好丘)

Perhaps you’ve seen it before; a dilapidated military housing unit, worn by the years past, sitting under Taipei 101’s watchful eye. It’s hard to imagine that this structure, built in the 1950’s, houses one of Taipei’s most impressive hangout spots. Good Cho’s (好丘) is part cafe, part lifestyle general store. Once inside, visitors are exposed to a wide array of products for sale.

A trip to Good Cho’s is never complete without one of the cafe’s signature items…bagels. While run-of-the-mill flavors are available, opt for one of the more creative, fusion flavors; one of our favorites is the black sesame. The sweet nuttiness of the sesame paste pairs beautifully with Good Cho’s signature bagel dough. Because it leans towards the sweeter side, we suggest pairing it with one of many iced beverages that the cafe offers. For a savory option, try the Tomato with Chili and Basil. Beautifully ripened sun-dried tomatoes are offset by the spicy kick of the chili.

Black sesame and brown sugar bagel

Good Cho’s prides itself on selling products that are locally grown or made. Simple Life is the permanent retail space of the cafe.

Local Taiwanese brand, H* Made in Heaven

Simple Life also sells produce, all locally grown and made. This encompasses everything from rice to shampoo.

Sunday is the best day to visit. A weekly Simple Market, similar to those accustomed to American farmer’s markets, is set up by local sellers. Peruse the stalls for treasures. Our favorites include ceramic pottery and felt keychains.

Good Cho’s: It’s a melting pot of good music, good vibes, and (who could forget?) good food.

Note: Simple Market is only in operation on Sundays, while Good Cho’s is open every day of the week except Monday.


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