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According to a Thai legend, Rama was a mighty emperor, worthy of sumptuous adoration and the finest service. It’s a tale that’s been recreated in the Xinyi District’s ATT4FUN entertainment complex, which just opened its doors last year. On the top floor of the glittering building, with a breathtaking view of neighboring Taipei 101 is Rama Thai, a restaurant built with the very purpose of providing a luxe environment and the most authentic Thai food: dining truly fit for a king. Backed by the masterminds behind Taipei hotspots Dozo and Brown Sugar, Rama provides the same world-class service and chicer-than-chic atmosphere.


When one walks into the restaurant, attention is immediately drawn to the space’s main attraction: a window-lined wall with a stunning view of the world’s second tallest building. The outdoor patio is opened up in the summer season and there might not be a single better place in Taipei to view the glittering night lights and relax in the summer breeze. From the sparkling pool that greets you at the entrance, to the delicate wood-panelling inside, to the bamboo-motif utensils imported from Thailand, every detail at Rama is designed to transport you from Taipei to the breezy comfort of an elegant South-east Asian luxury resort. Another main draw of Rama is the cluster of private rooms tucked off to the side of the main dining hall, some of which even open up into their own private balconies. The rooms are often booked for private parties and meetings, and it seems the rich and beautiful of Taipei have caught on: several major Taiwanese celebrities have been spotted indulging here.


While many other restaurants often depend on swanky decor and prime location to draw customers and let the quality of their food and drinks slip, Rama makes sure to go above and beyond the status quo, even with classic dishes. Take their Shrimp Cakes – Rama’s are three times thicker (and might we say tastier) than those offered at typical Thai restaurants. Add in the specialities concocted by Rama’s Chef, a Thai-born Taiwanese returned to her homeland, and you have a menu that will satisfy any craving for authentic Thai food. We particularly enjoyed an amazingly tender Banana-Leaf Wrapped Chicken dish, bound in leaves imported from Thailand, a testament to Rama’a commitment to using the finest, most authentic ingredients available. Staying true to its royal motif, Rama also prides itself on impressive presentation, demonstrated well in a perfectly-spiced Pumpkin Curry served in an entire hollowed out pumpkin.


For those looking to simply satisfy a curry or mango sticky-rice craving, Rama more than fits the bill, but enterprising denizens of Taipei have already figured out that Rama is also a chic place for drinks with friends or pre-club festivities. The combination of an extensive drink menu, posh bar, and magnificent view make for the perfect pregame location. And such perfection comes at a more than reasonable priceIn addition to the usual classics (ranging from red wine to cocktail smoothies), the veteran drink-mixers holding court at Rama’s bar have created a range of inventive cocktails created specially for the restaurant. For the ladies, they’ve created the “Southeast Asia” (240 NT), a flirty mixture of rum, grapefruit and cream. And for the men, there’s the “Tai Royal”, a surprisingly strong mix of vodka, lime, pineapple syrup—with the creative use of crushed lemongrass bringing a whole new dimension to a drink fit for any king, officially crowned or not. And that’s the very thing about Rama Thai that will make it your new go-to destination for Thai: getting a royal dining experience, without having to be a ruling aristocract (or even a Taiwanese celebrity).

Photo Credit: Stephanie Hsu & Rama Thai Facebook Page
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Jeremy Blum commented

it seems like the number of good thai restaurants in taipei increases everday…i was in ATT4FUN just a while ago but didnt spot this place. will have to hunt it down next time and give it a try!

Christine Yeh commented

its a good place for drinks too.

steph commented

i want to swim in the pool. and drink a Southeast Asia. my new summer goal.

Jeremy Blum commented

Is the pool actually open during the summer? I went here last nite for dinner and the Pad Thai was really good…but I wanted most of all to go in the pool afterwards haha

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