Treasure Hill: Taipei’s Sustainable Artist Community

Taipei is the epitome of a cosmopolitan city. It’s teeming with industrial skyscrapers, alarmingly large shopping malls, and of course, a lot of people (2.6 million, to be exact). And because we live in one of Asia’s most advanced and metropolitan cities, it’s hard to imagine a place like Treasure Hill to still be operating and thriving.

What started off as an illegal settlement for Kuomingtang veterans in the 1940’s, Treasure Hill is now a melange of concrete houses, narrow alleyways, and impressive art installations that serves as a home and creative community for up-and-coming Taiwanese artists. A five minute walk from Gongguan MRT station, Treasure Hill is a convenient getaway for those who yearn for an escape from city life. Described by Marco Casagrande, Finnish architect extrordinaire, as “the attic of Taipei, carrying memories, stories, and traditions”, Treasure Hill in itself is a trove waiting to be discovered.

While Treasure Hill is a temporary home to many artists, some residents have lived in the community since the 1940’s.

Treasure Hill is one of few places in Taipei that exhibits practices of sustainable living. Located near the Xindian River, urban farming is extremely popular.

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