Fourplay: The Art of the Well-Crafted Cocktail


Don’t bother asking for the menu here, there isn’t one. Fourplay is all about what you like. Simply let the bartender know and he’ll concoct a drink catered to your tastes.

Using today’s innovations to make tomorrow’s classics. This is the motto behind Fourplay, a unique restaurant and cocktail bar where you can enjoy creative and delicious drinks at fair prices. Located in the Eastern District of Taipei, this bar was a recent, unexpected find that will surely become a regular spot to visit on a night out.

The bartenders at Fourplay truly care about the craft of mixology, putting thought into the flavor combinations and methods used. Drinks are not only made with freshest fruits and ingredients, but are also visually striking and the process entertaining to watch. The ambience is cozy and relaxed, ideal for a classy date or fun night out with friends. Patrons can sip their drinks seated at booths and small tables or at the bar as they watch the bartenders work their magic.

Why the name Fourplay? Once upon a time, there were three bartenders by the name of Allen, Bruce, and Rex who worked together at the same bar. They made a pact to open up their own place within the next seven years. When the time came, the trio teamed up with another bartender friend Frankie, and together the four of them opened Fourplay back in July 2011. That explains the “four”. As for the “play”– this comes from their fun-loving and playful personalities, which are the inspiration behind the creative and colorful cocktails the bar is known for.

Here’s a little preview of some of the tastiest cocktails Fourplay has to offer:


Ice Boat: Jinmen Kaoliang (高粱酒), Absinthe
Prepare to be amazed, it tastes just like white chocolate! Check out the video below to see how it’s prepared.

[youtube -f5WIUh-65c]

Curious what sparked the idea of using Kaoliang as an ingredient? Allen the bartender believes unlike other countries, Taiwan doesn’t have a world renowned liquor or signature drink to represent itself. This sparked Fourplay to create special Taiwanese cocktails, intentionally using Taiwanese liquors such as Kaoliang or Taiwan Brandy.


Hugo Boss (夜王): Vodka, gin
Very strong martini, and smells like Hugo Boss cologne!


Peanut Butter Cocktail: Whiskey, coffee
Peanut butter smothered around inside of glass, drizzled with chocolate syrup.

Tiramisu Cocktail: Kahlua, Bailey’s, espresso


Marijuana: Absinthe


Royal Shot: Passionfruit juice, Earl Grey Vodka tea. Tastes like tea!

Strawberry Champagne Shot: White wine

Laughing Gas: Absinthe. Be sure to ask the bartender why your shot comes with a balloon!


Coffee Shot: Caramel liquor, coffee


Chrysanthemum (菊花台): Taiwan Brandy, Taiwanese sake, plum liquor


Smoky Rose: Gin, herbs, cherry
Smoky. Fruity. Rosy. A unique fusion of different scents and flavors.
Watching how the bartender puts together this cocktail is just as fun as enjoying the drink itself.

Passionfruit Mojito: Rum, fresh squeezed passionfruit juice

Aloe: Gin, aloe

Giant Mojito (on the far right): Rum
Feeling thirsty? This colossal drink is equivalent to about eight regular sized Mojitos!

You’ll find all these and much more at Fourplay. Head over and try some of their fun and well-crafted drinks yourself! Reservations are recommended, especially if you want a seat at the bar or plan to go on a Friday or Saturday night.

Price: $$

Related link: Allen’s YouTube Channel

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Justine Lee commented

we have to go back soon. i want the coffee shot. and the massive mojito.

steph commented

the first drink looks amazing. and i’m suddenly wanting a mojito….

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