7 Reasons Why We Love 7-Eleven in Taiwan

Often referred to as just “Seven” by many people in Taiwan, 7-Eleven is the most popular convenience store in Taiwan, with locations all over the country. The shops truly redefine convenience by offering everything from tasty treats to bill pay services. Take a look below for reasons why people just can’t get enough of 7-11!

1. Location

With nearly 5,000 locations packed onto the tiny island of Taiwan, you can find a 7-11 on pretty much on every other block.

2. Snacks & Drinks Galore

7-11 is simply heaven when it comes to snacks and drinks. Aside from the typical munchies normally found at a convenience store, 7-11 also sells a variety of hot foods such as squid balls on skewers, tea-eggs, seaweed rice triangles, steamed buns, and more. You can even find bento boxes and have them heated up right in the store.


As for drinks, you can find just about everything – juices, teas, coffees and yogurt beverages (and some alcoholic ones as well!).


3. Bills, Bills, Bills

Have bills to pay? While it’s not our favorite thing to do either, 7-11 is there to make it really easy. You can pay utility, mobile phone, credit card (if under 20,000 NT), and parking ticket fees conveniently at any 7-11 store.

4. Services

7-11 stores also provide a wide range of other services – ranging from photo printing, making copies, faxing documents, purchasing event tickets and even calling a cab. You can also buy international and local phone cards as well as recharge your transportation fare “yo-yo” card. 7-11 also acts as a mini post office – buy stamps and envelopes and send letters.

5. Hanging Out

Whether it’s to escape the unbearably humid summer weather, or to grab a beer with friends before a night out, many 7-11 stores offer tables and seats for their patrons to sit and relax.

6. Buy Online

Want to make sure what you’re looking for is in the store? 7-11 also offers an online catalog site called 7net, selling everything from food and clothing, to books and beauty products. 7net is designed for people to purchase online and have their orders delivered for free to be picked up at their nearest 7-11.

7. Open 24 Hours

And probably the most convenient aspect of 7-11? Definitely that all locations are open 24 hours a day! Always there when you need something – whether it’s for a pre-party drink or paying your phone bill.

Did we miss anything? If there’s anything else you love about 7-11, tell us in the comments!


Fan-i Young commented

1. 地點:在這蕞爾小島臺灣就有將近5,000家7-ELEVEN便利商店,亦即它分布在全臺灣各個大街小巷!
2. 零嘴與飲料:7-ELEVEN簡直就是零嘴和飲料的天堂!除此之外,它還販售花枝丸、茶葉蛋、三角飯糰、包子等熱食。您甚至能在店內買到飯盒,並可立即微波加熱。您可以找到各種飲料:果汁、茶、咖啡、優格(以及一些含酒精類飲品);
3. 代收款項:有帳單等著我們支付嗎?或許我們不喜歡做這種事,但7-ELEVEN讓支付帳單的事情變得較為容易輕鬆。您可以在7-ELEVEN輕鬆地支付水電費、行動電話通話費、信用卡帳單(限新臺幣20,000元以下),以及停車費;
4. 各項服務:7-ELEVEN提供相片沖印、文件影印、傳真、購買門票、代叫計程車等等其他廣泛服務。您可以購買國內及國際電話卡,並為您的「悠遊卡」加值。7-ELEVEN也像是販售郵票、信封,代寄郵件的小型郵局;
5. 外出交遊:脫離炙熱難耐的酷暑,或是在晚上外出前與朋友共享啤酒,許多家7-ELEVEN(不是全部門市)提供桌椅供顧客放鬆休息一下;
6. 網路購物:想要確認您要購買的商品在7-ELEVEN找得到嗎?它也提供7-NET線上型錄,舉凡食品、服裝、書籍、美容商品等,應有盡有!7-NET就是讓大家線上選購,您所訂購的商品就可以免費運送至離住家最近的7-ELEVEN供您取件!
7. 24小時營業:7-ELEVEN最便利之處莫過於所有門市24小時營業(譯者註:某些學校內部的門市除外)!無論您需要購買派對前的飲料,或是支付電話帳單等,它永遠就在那裡!

Twiggygirl71 commented

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