Taiwan's 10 Most Romantic Beaches Unveiled

If you're planning a little romantic getaway with your sweetheart or a grand romantic gesture, find your next summer date spot here.

Bon Jovi Announces First Concert In Taipei In 20 Years

If you've been "Livin' On A Prayer" for the past twenty years, you'll definitely "Have A Nice Day" once you read this.

An Updated Insider's Step-By-Step Guide To Passing The Scooter License Exam in Taiwan

So you finally turned 18 or are so sick of traffic jams, you've decided to join the masses and drive the coolest mode of transport around.

Getting Crafty With Taiwan's Beer Scene

You're obviously wearing the wrong beer goggles if you haven't noticed the country's exploding craft beer culture.

Snow And Ice: Best Taiwanese Dessert Shops In Taipei For The Summer

Experience the best snow and ice on a hot summer's day in Taipei.

Urban Natives: Thrill-seeking with Taiwan's Top Wakeboarder Shannon Teng

Nicknamed "Taiwan's Wakeboarding Sweetheart," the country's top rider Shannon Teng shares her wakeboarding journey.

Playing With Sound: Q&A With Golden Melody Nominee Waa Wei (魏如萱)

City543 sat down with the Golden Melody nominee for Best Female Singer to chat about the big and small things in her life.

Fresh Out Of The Oven: Square Watermelon Toast From Yilan's Jimmy Bakery

Combine a Taiwanese summer staple with a dietary staple and you get square watermelon toast.

Favorite Sips: Summer Cocktails in Taipei

Feeling that buzz should be done in style and not through boring vodka shots.
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