9 Taiwanese Songs That You Didn't Know Had EDM Elements

What was once part of Frances underground scene, EDM has now become mainstream, alsocreeping into the Taiwanese music scene in recent years.

Top 5 Taiwanese Films of 2015

From quirky local films to the triumphant return of Taiwanese auteur Hou Hsiao-hsien, it's been a remarkable for Taiwanese cinema.

Rare Snow Fall Causes Flurry Of Excitement And Chaos In Taiwan

As temperatures plummeted due to a cold front, rare snow in Taiwan brought stories of a polar nature, filled with excitement and damages.

United Kingdom Government Expected To Respond To "Recognise Taiwan As A Country" Petition

The widely circulated petition, started by British citizen Lee Chapman on Jan. 18, garnered more than 10,000 signatures in less than a week.

Forget About The Forbes' Lists, Here Are 9 Great Things About Taiwan

Is Taiwan a developed country? We’ll let you be the judge of that. Taiwan actually has a lot more merit than you might give it credit for.

Miss Asian America Joins City543 For A Bizarre Food And Turbo Geek Tour

City543 showed Miss Asian America Stephanie Lin, the first winner of Taiwanese descent, Taipei's finest – snake meat and technology.

Learn Useful, Colloquial Chinese With Trending Taiwan's Fun Chinese Crash Course Video Series

If you want to learn colloquial Chinese, then you should be watching Trending Taiwan's Chinese Crash Course.

7 Outrageously Bizarre Things That Happened During The Campaign Period For Taiwan's 2016 Elections

Pouring ink on oneself, gobbling down on turkey rice and jumping through fire hoops... Just another day in Taiwanese politics.

10 Pictures To Show Your Friends The Difference Between Taiwan And Thailand

Due to the similar pronunciations of "Taiwan" and "Thailand", the two countries have been a point of confusion for many.

7 Top Greenfield Music Festivals In Taiwan

Get sunburned ­– or waterlogged – with sonic fun in the wild.
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Chef-blogger Jeek Pan points us to the best watering holes in Taiwan's cultural capital.

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Fashion blogger Dake Hu takes us on a tour of the best of shopping, dining and nightlife in Taipei's ever-lively Dongqu.

Put Your Hands Up For Taiwan: Q&A With DJ Fedde Le Grand

The Dutch DJ and producer talked to us about his music, the EDM scene, his impressions of Taiwan and its first ever EDM festival.

Visiting Swedish Illustrator Mattias Adolfsson’s Planet On His First Trip To Taiwan

The illustrator told us about his art, inspiration, thought process, as well as his impressions of Taiwan on his first Asia visit.

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