You Can Now Check in Your Luggage Before You Get on the Airport MRT

The Taoyuan Airport MRT A1 Taipei Main Station is finally ready, and with this cool in-town check-in service. On 16 February 2017, [...]

Japan's Biggest and Most Beautiful Bookstore Tsutaya to Open in Taiwan Next Year

Eslite may have finally found itself a worthy opponent.

6 Design Highlights from One Woman’s Journey to Interview 100 Taiwanese Designers

We’ve all seen the travel guides for Taiwan that rave about night markets and spectacular hiking trails, but what about when it comes [...]

What Your Parents Used Before Tinder: The Taiwan Love Boat

Before the Internet, smartphones and Tinder, how did people hook up in the dark ages? The answer is the Taiwan Love Boat. Despite the [...]

“Measuring: This Much, That Much, How Much?” Unit Exhibition Comes To Taiwan

The exhibition from Japanese art director Norio Nakamura explores how the ‘unit’ filter influences art, culture and our social order.

City543 Interviews Hardwell

City543 chats with one of EDM's biggest names.

Get Fit At Taipei's Top Gyms And Studios

Each of these gyms specialize in a different area of fitness, and whichever path you decide on will be the start to a more active life.

Taiwan Teams Up With Holland For New Branch Of Tainan Public Library

The beautiful design will feature a map of Tainan during the Qing Dynasty that is only visible when sunlight strikes the building.
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City543 Interviews Hardwell

City543 chats with one of EDM's biggest names.

Urban Natives: Chef-Blogger Jeek Pan’s Guide to Nightlife in Tainan

Chef-blogger Jeek Pan points us to the best watering holes in Taiwan's cultural capital.

Urban Natives: Fashion Blogger Dake Hu’s Guide to Dongqu

Fashion blogger Dake Hu takes us on a tour of the best of shopping, dining and nightlife in Taipei's ever-lively Dongqu.

Put Your Hands Up For Taiwan: Q&A With DJ Fedde Le Grand

The Dutch DJ and producer talked to us about his music, the EDM scene, his impressions of Taiwan and its first ever EDM festival.

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